The Cleveland Browns have seemingly been surrounded by a new type of drama nearly every week this season, and over the past few days that drama has mostly revolved around Odell Beckham

In a span of roughly 72 hours starting on Friday, multiple reports came out about Beckham and most of them pointed to a drama that could soon be brewing in Cleveland this offseason. According to Fox Sports, Beckham wants out of Cleveland so badly that he was telling coaches on other teams to "come get me" back in October. According to Yahoo Sports, Beckham isn't feeling so great about his relationship with with the Browns coaching staff and his role in the team's offense. Oh, and there was also a report from where a team source suggested that Beckham's talents have been wasted this year in the Browns' dysfunctional offense. 

If Beckham is unhappy with his role in the team's "dysfunctional offense," Browns coach Freddie Kitchens doesn't seem to be aware of that. During an interview on Monday, Kitchens pointed out that Beckham has a solid relationship with him and the team's receivers coach, Adam Henry. 

"Until I hear something from Odell -- Odell and my relationship is fine," Kitchens said, via "Odell and [Henry's] relationship is fine. I'm sorry, I don't think there's any 'gotcha' moment here. I can only tell you what I think and what I've seen from Odell is nothing like the reports indicate, so sorry."

Kitchens seems to think that all is well in Cleveland, which is interesting, especially when you consider the comments that Beckham made last week. During an interview Thursday, the Browns star gave an incredibly vague answer when he was asked if he wanted to return to Cleveland in 2020. 

"I couldn't sit here and tell you whether I'm gonna be here, want to be here, don't want to be here," Beckham said. "This is exactly where I'm at now and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Like I said, God has a plan. In the offseason everything will figure itself out ... I just follow (God's) lead."

So is that a yes or a no?

"No one knows what the future holds. I couldn't tell you what's going to happen," Beckham said.

Following the Browns 27-19 win over the Bengals on Sunday, a game where Beckham caught two passes for 39 yards, the receiver was once again asked about his future in Cleveland, and this time, he basically decided to duck the question. 

"I'm not going to talk about any offseason stuff that's going on right now," Beckham said, via "The focus is on winning, 1-0. And that's what we did today. Any other questions about it, I'm not answering."

As for Kitchens, his philosophy on the whole situation seems pretty simple: He's going to assume that Odell wants to stay in Cleveland unless Beckham tells him otherwise. 

"I think you're insinuating that things are fractured," Kitchens said when asked if things need to be fixed internally between Beckham and the organization. "Did Odell say that [he wants to leave]? OK, then case closed then. Odell didn't say it. Odell has not told me anything remotely dealing with that. I know he's done a great job getting to the game on Sunday." 

Although Beckham seemingly wants out of Cleveland, one thing that apparently won't be happening this offseason is a trade. Team officials told ESPN on Monday that there's 'no way' they'd be willing to deal Beckham this offseason. Of course, the Giants said the same thing about not trading Beckham less than 12 months ago, and then they ended up trading him in March.