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The Jadeveon Clowney situation has been one of the more interesting sagas to follow during this NFL offseason. Despite the interest he has received from several teams -- some of which have made multiple lucrative offers -- the three-time Pro Bowler remains unsigned. Now that we have entered the training camp portion of the preseason, one has to wonder if Clowney is closer than ever to choosing his new NFL home, or if he doesn't mind holding out even longer. According to a new report, it appears the latter is more likely. 

Earlier this week, ESPN's Kimberly A. Martin reported that Clowney's asking price is the main reason why he's still a free agent. Teams heard he initially wanted $20 million -- which virtually every club believed was too high -- and Clowney has turned down multiple offers of $15 million or more. According to Martin, some teams believe the longer Clowney waits to sign, the more likely he could end up with half of his asking price. Another issue that has come up in talks with league sources according to Martin is a potential holdout. Is Clowney prepared to take a lot less now, or is he willing to sit out the whole season?

If there was a season to hold out of, it might be this one. The COVID-19 pandemic has many wondering if conducting a full, 17-week regular season in a safe manner is even possible. A total of 66 players opted out of this season due to concerns regarding the coronavirus, so maybe Clowney would rather revisit this situation in a year instead of signing a deal he wouldn't be happy with. 

In terms of potential landing spots, two continue to stick out: The New York Jets and the Tennessee Titans. The Jets sent their best defensive player away to Clowney's former team, the Seattle Seahawks, and a player who was sent to New York as part of the deal has tried to recruit Clowney to the AFC East as well. Bradley McDougald tweeted a few weeks ago that Clowney told him he wants New York to "come get him." In June, it was reported that the Jets did not have interest in Clowney despite having a comfortable amount of available cash, but maybe that has changed. 

As for the Titans, we know that they are one of the teams that have made multiple offers to Clowney. While they signed former Atlanta Falcons pass-rusher Vic Beasley earlier this offseason, he was fined for being late to camp and still has yet to pass his physical. The Titans are always looking to add pieces that know how to get after the quarterback, and how they arranged Derrick Henry's extension in July made it seem as though they were gearing up for another signing

The Jets and Titans may be two of the favorites to land Clowney, but the reality is that his recruitment is totally open. As we inch closer to the regular season, however, it seems more and more unlikely Clowney will get the kind of cash he is looking for.