It turns out the Jaguars and the Rams weren't the only winners in the trade that sent Jalen Ramsey to Los Angeles, Troy Hill's bank account was also a winner, and that's because the Rams cornerback made some serious money selling his number to Ramsey.  

For the first six weeks of the season, Hill wore No. 20 for the Rams, but when he took the field against the Falcons on Sunday, he was no longer wearing that number. Instead, it was Ramsey who came out with a 20 on his jersey, which is the number he's worn for his entire career. 

So how was Ramsey able to pry the number away from Hill? Apparently, he paid him a lot of money for it. 

According to, Ramsey shelled out $20,000 to buy the number from Hill, and Hill definitely didn't waste any time in accepting the deal. Ramsey was already wearing the new number during his first practice with the Rams, which took place just two days after the trade. 

If Ramsey views his number as good luck, that's probably not going to change anytime soon. In his first game with Los Angeles, the Pro Bowl cornerback forced a fumble during the Rams' 37-10 win over the Falcons.  

As for Hill, he's now wearing No. 22, which once belonged to Marcus Peters but became available last week after Peters was traded away to Baltimore

Hill has actually turned the art of selling his number into something of a side hustle. During the 2018 season, he actually wore No. 32 with the Rams, but he's no longer wearing that number because Eric Weddle wanted it after signing with L.A. in March. To get the number, Weddle paid Hill $32,000, which means Hill has now made a total of $52,000 this year just from selling his jersey numbers. That's definitely not a bad side hustle if you can get it. 

Although paying $20,000 or $32,000 for a jersey number might sound crazy, players have actually spent more money than that trying to get their favorite number. Darrell Revis once spent $50,000 to get his number in Tampa Bay. And then there's Deion Sanders, who once bought a teammate a BMW to get No. 21 with the Cowboys in 1995. If you feel like checking out a few more stories of players paying big money for their favorite number, be sure to click here