Martellus Bennett, formerly of the Cowboys, Giants, Bears, and Patriots, is now a member of the Packers. On Friday, the productive tight end signed a three-year deal with Green Bay, immediately becoming Aaron Rodgers’ best weapon at the position. Since 2012, Bennett ranks sixth in receiving yards among all tight ends

Bennett, of course, will be bringing more than just touchdowns and dependable blocking to Green Bay. He’ll also be bringing his lively and sometimes strange (but always entertaining) personality. Just before the onset of free agency, Bennett compared it to “being that girl that’s newly single and fresh on that market.”

It didn’t take long for that personality to show up in Green Bay. On Saturday, Bennett let his new fans know that he’ll be letting them choose his new number. 

His reason? The Packers are publicly owned. 

Bennett’s worn a different number at every career stop. He was No. 80 in Dallas for four years, No. 85 in his lone season with the Giants, No. 83 in his three-year Bears career, and No. 88 with the Patriots last season. Bennett didn’t include No. 88 in his list above, but that’s likely due to the fact that Ty Montgomery already owns it. 

It’s worth noting, however, that Montgomery might want to switch numbers. A year ago, Montgomery entered the season as a receiver, but ended up turning into the team’s only reliable running back. Most running backs don’t have numbers in the 80s.

Anyway, Bennett made sure to say that he’ll actually stick with whatever number the fans end up choosing.

Obviously, it’s a minor move that doesn’t really matter in the scope of it all, but it’s just yet another example of how Bennett often immediately wins over new fan bases with his actions away from the field. He won over Bears fans with his crazy comparisons. He won over Patriots fans by hitting NFL commissioner (and New England’s top public enemy) Roger Goodell with a sick burn. 

Just don’t go asking him to take a pay cut.