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The NFC East has been much maligned in 2020 -- and for a very good reason -- earning the title as the worst division in NFL history. Just two weeks ago, the then-NFC East leader (New York Giants) had four wins on the season through 12 weeks -- as the division appeared set to have its first sub-.500 champion in its 50-year history. 

After the Week 14 games concluded, the NFC East is no longer the laughing stock it once was. Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Football Team winning Sunday, the NFC East is no longer on pace to end up as the worst division in NFL history. The NFC East has a .365 win percentage through 14 weeks, which beats out the NFC West in 2008 for the worst win percentage for a division in league history (.344). 

The NFC East is 19-32-1 with three weeks left to go in the regular season, as the division has actually gone 11-9 over its last 20 games. Those victories include Washington upsetting the previously undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers, New York upsetting the previous NFC West leader Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia upsetting the previous No. 1 seed in the NFC New Orleans Saints -- with all those upsets happening over the past two weeks (the NFC East is 5-3 during that stretch). 

While the NFC East is no longer the worst division (in terms of win percentage), it's still on pace to have its worst division champion in history. Washington needs to win its final three games to finish with an above .500 record and has to win two of its final three games just to end up at .500. None of the other NFC East teams can finish over .500 and the Giants are the only team that can end up with a .500 record -- and they have to win out to accomplish that feat. 

How does the NFC East avoid that .344 win percentage? The 2008 NFC West went a combined 22-42 on the season, meaning the NFC East has to go 3-9 over the final three weeks to not become the worst division ever (that would put the NFC East at 22-41-1). There are three division games left, so barring any ties, the NFC East needs just one out-of-division win to not become the worst division in NFL history. 

The Dallas Cowboys have the best shot at clinching that milestone for the division, as they are the only team playing an opponent with an under .500 weekend in Week 15 (San Francisco 49ers).