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Coaches get hired to be fired. Hopefully, they win a few games in between. But let's face it, they usually don't win enough. That's just speaking on average. It's also why every winter is filled with college football coaches losing jobs, moving on to other opportunities and trying on new polo shirts and hats.

It's a dizzying process and one that can be hard for the average fan to follow. After all, why should you have to keep track of every single move that's being made? Lucky for you, we here at CBS Sports do have the time. We are tracking every hiring and firing in the 2020 coaching carousel and not only breaking each down but providing a grade for how every school performed in its decision making.

Since the carousel is in full swing with the 2020 regular season about to come to a close, let's take a look at what we know so far. Below you will find CBS Sports' one-stop shop for all of your coaching hire needs. (Well, except those polos.)

FBS hirings and firings

Notable retentions and extensions