While I didn't publish my inaugural resume rankings until last week, LSU had been in the No. 1 spot since its win over Miami on the first weekend of the season. On Saturday night, its reign ended following Notre Dame's 38-17 win over Stanford. The win gave the Irish a win over a top-10 team in Stanford to go along with a win over a top-15 team in Michigan Week 1. While LSU has two wins over teams ranked in the top 10, it's Notre Dame's margin of victory in its victories that gives it the slightest edge on the Tigers right now.

As for Stanford, while it doesn't drop out of the top 10, it did lose 4.1 resume points, which was enough to drop it from No. 3 to No. 8 this week. Not surprisingly, the weekend's other big climber is Ohio State. The Buckeyes were already in fourth last week, but their 27-26 win over Penn State was worth 6.1 resume points and moves them into third place.

For a reminder on how resume points are tabulated, and what they mean, you can read all about the process here.

As for this week's top 10, it shakes out like this.