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If Jon Rahm's Masters 2023 victory gave you major golf FOMO, you're not alone. The 28-year-old is just one of 17 golfers to win both a U.S. Open and the Masters, inspiring professional and civilian golfers to up their game.

We can't help you with your side spin, but Callaway's Chrome Soft Golf Balls can. We can't get you an invite to Augusta next spring (sorry), but Titleist Tour Soft Balls might get you closer. In fact, the right golf ball just might be the thing you need to play on par with the pros. Score the best golf balls with these amazing deals.

Wilson Profile Distance Golf Balls, 36-Pack, ($34)

$34 on Amazon

Shop these amazing golf ball deals on Amazon:

Legato Golf Balls, LTX 3085, One Dozen $30 (reduced from $40)

$30 on Amazon

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball,15-Pack, $14 (reduced from $16)

$14 on Amazon

XL Distance golf balls, 15 pack, $30 (reduced from $32)

$30 on Amazon

Bridgestone extra soft golf balls, 12 pack, $15 (reduced from $22)

$15 on Amazon

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track golf balls, 48 pack, $150 (reduced from $200)

$150 at Dick's

What to look for in a golf ball (the really quick guide)

There are typically three categories for golf balls: distance, spin control and tour performance (aka premium).

  • Distance golf balls are used by a player who wants to cover more yardage. These balls feature a larger core and smaller cover to boost the distance the ball travels.
  • Spin control balls are built to cut down side spin for newer golfers. 
  • Tour performance/premium balls are usually used by the pros. The ball's multiple layers help reduce spin, while optimizing distance depending on the speed of your swing (and the club used). 

Great deals on golf balls

Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball

This low compression ball, designed for golfers with a moderate swing speed, comes from one of the most trusted brands in golf. A great price on a great ball, you'll have a blast with these even if a few end up lost in the woods. Worth it. 

Worth noting, other retailers sell repurposed (aka used) versions slightly cheaper. We like our golf balls new -- plus that fast and free Amazon Prime shipping is a total score. 

Bridgestone e6 golf balls, white, 12 pack, $25

$25 on Amazon

More deals on golf balls

Long Distance Peak Performance golf balls, multi-color, 15 pack, $13 (reduced from $15)

$13 on Amazon

Callaway ERC Triple Track golf balls, 12 pack, $35

$35 on Amazon

Pro Tip: Not all golf balls are created equal, nor are all golfers.  Newer golfers or athletes who are aim-challenged may want to keep a pack of don't-mind-losing golf balls in their golf bag.  Currently at a great price on Amazon, we like these:

Wilson Staff F.L.I. golf balls, 12 pack, $10 (reduced from $13)

$10 on Amazon

Just For Fun: Golf Balls With Personality

Led Golf Balls

No matter how serious you are out on the links, there's nothing wrong with having a good time. Add some personality to your game with glow in the dark, emoji or college-themed golf balls.  

Thiodoon Glow in The Dark golf balls, $20 (reduced from $36)

$20 on Amazon

Emoji Official Novelty Fun Golf Balls, 6 Pack

$14.90 on Amazon

NCAA-Themed Golf Ball Set With Team Logo

$57.99 from Fanatics

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