Coach Mike McDaniel said Sunday that the Dolphins' running back competition remains "fierce" and declined to name Edmonds, or any other player, the starter yet, David Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

McDaniel said he doesn't "want to limit an opportunity by having a preconceived notion," noting that a player like Raheem Mostert having familiarity with the scheme may not provide an advantage in the training camp competition. On the other hand, Travis Wingfield of the Dolphins' official site reports that McDaniel lauded Edmond's "cerebral approach," one which he called "unique" among Miami's backfield. "He knows every receiver assignment and he's understanding of the blocking schemes and all that," McDaniel said. "But more so, he has a combination of feel to apply abstract coaching points." Those comments speak to Edmond's three-down versatility, which, when combined with the fact that he signed a two-year, $12.1 million contract with the Dolphins, still appears to make him the favorite to lead what could be a multi-headed rushing attack.

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