What did we watch in Week 11? From Jonathan Taylor's explosion to the Cowboys-Chiefs debacle, that was wild. The chalk let us down, which meant it was an extremely low-scoring week in cash games while the contrarians made their money in GPPs. You needed just 114 points on DraftKings to win cash games, the lowest total I can remember this season. Anyway, Week 11 is behind us and, of course, Week 12 is unique with just 10 games on the main slate.

We're down three games due to the Thanksgiving slate. I hope it was a profitable Thanksgiving for you by the way. There's one clear standout on this main slate with the Bucs-Colts total sitting at 53, according to Caesars Sportsbook. We have three more totals between 47 and 49 points and all three of those are in the afternoon portion of the slate: Chargers at Broncos, Rams at Packers and Vikings at 49ers. Overall, the totals are pretty condensed on this slate, which should make for interesting ownership projections. Perhaps we see things spread out a bit more.

Let's start at the quarterback position, a place we're looking to spend down at this week.

Which quarterback should you spend down on?

I am mostly a cash-game player and could say that I've been burned by spending up at quarterback more often than not this season. I'm looking at you, Patrick Mahomes! As a general rule it makes more sense to spend down at quarterback, tight end and defense in cash games so that you can use more salary on elite running backs and wide receivers. In Week 12, however, you can use cheap quarterbacks across the board. I won't shame you if you want to play Jalen Hurts or Justin Herbert. I just feel we have enough salary savers to make it work. Let's start with my favorite for cash games this week: Cam Newton.

Love him or hate him, this story is amazing. It would have been even better had the Panthers won last week but regardless, he had a great game for Fantasy. Newton finished with two passing touchdowns, 46 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown. He finished as the third highest scoring quarterback on the Week 11 main slate. While the Dolphins defense has played better recently, Newton is still too cheap at $5,600 on DraftKings. He has what appears to be a very safe floor because of his rushing upside, weapons, and touchdown equity. If you're looking to get different at quarterback while spending down, can I interest you in Ben Roethlisberger?

Before you completely dismiss the idea, here's what Mike McClure had to say about him on Fantasy Football Today DFS.

"I think the Steelers defense is an absolute mess right now. They have not been the same. We watched them get torched in that game by the Chargers, frankly a Chargers team that had been struggling as well. I love that. I want them to get torched. I want points on the board on the other side. I want obvious passing situations… Ben Roethlisberger $5,200. Diontae Johnson $6,600. Very cheap stack on a week we know people are spending down at quarterback."

Here are some of my favorite cheap stacks in Week12:

Who to spend up on?

Now that we saved all that money at quarterback, we need to figure out who to spend on. We have four players priced over $8,500 on DraftKings this week: Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, Jonathan Taylor and Christian McCaffrey. My favorite of the group is McCaffrey with Adams as a close second. McCaffrey got back to his normal usage in Week 11, playing 90% of the snaps while handling 17-of-18 running back touches. He led the team in targets, receptions, receiving and he caught a touchdown. This doesn't mean you can't play Jonathan Taylor. I'm just going to play less of him compared to the field. Everybody just saw him score five touchdowns and now he's the most expensive running back on the slate? It's not an optimal spot to play him.

Adams and Kupp are going up against each other, which brings up interesting stack combinations. The problem is that if you play both, the rest of your lineup looks pretty bleh. It's not impossible, but you're looking at stars and scrubs. Give me the savings with Adams. It's not often you can say Adams is $1,000 cheaper than another wide receiver, but that's the reality here. Kupp is definitely worthy of that price tag, too. He has double-digit targets and at least 92 yards in nine of 10 games this season. Regardless, Adams is still the play for me. No, I am not worried about Jalen Ramsey.

We saved some money. We spent some money. It's Black Friday. Let's get a few more bargains in there.

The rest of the value plays

If Aaron Jones is out again this week, A.J. Dillon will be chalky and rightfully so. He's viable in all formats in that case. In that same game, however, I like Darrell Henderson quite a bit. I'm sure he'll be popular, but at $5,800 on DraftKings, he should be. If you look at the box scores you'll notice Henderson has just 16 carries over his past two games. The Rams uncharacteristically lost those games by an average of 16.5 points. He's still dominating snaps, has a healthy 10% target share and leads the team with 32 red-zone opportunities. I'm assuming this game will be competitive, which will lend itself to 15+ Henderson touches. If that happens, he's a steal at his salary.

At wide receiver, I like a $5,300 Brandon Aiyuk quite a bit. He's played at least 88% of the snaps in four straight games and has scored in two of those. After a ridiculously slow start to the season, Aiyuk is seeing more targets, too. Since George Kittle returned in Week 9, Kittle and Aiyuk lead the team with a 25% target share each. That's even more than Deebo Samuel who is seeing more work in the backfield nowadays. On top of all that, this is a really strong matchup against the Vikings. They just allowed 296 yards and three touchdowns to Packers wide receivers in Week 11.

Here are my favorite value plays at both running back and wide receiver:

And here is a single-entry GPP lineup I've built out:

  • Cam Newton, $5,600
  • Christian McCaffrey, $9,000
  • A.J. Dillon, $5,900
  • Michael Pittman, $5,600
  • Brandon Aiyuk, $5,300
  • Jaylen Waddle, $5,900
  • Rob Gronkowski, $4,400
  • Darrell Henderson, $5,800
  • HOU DST, $2,300