Earlier this month the Houston Astros clinched the first World Series title in franchise history with a Game 7 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Those Astros players will never have to pay for another meal in Houston again.

In addition to the glory of being part of the first championship team in franchise history, Astros players and personnel get another nice perk: cold hard cash. On Monday, Major League Baseball announced the 'Stros will split a record $30,420,155.57 in postseason pool money. Last year the Cubs split a then record $27,586,017.75.

Here are some details on the postseason pool money, via MLB's press release:

The players' pool is formed from 50 percent of the gate receipts from the Wild Card Games; 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series; 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the League Championship Series; and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the World Series.  The players' pool was divided among the 10 Postseason Clubs: the two World Series participants, the two League Championship Series runners-up, the four Division Series runners-up and the two runners-up in the Wild Card Games.  The 2017 players' pool was a record total of $84,500,432.15, eclipsing last year's $76,627,827.09. 

Now here is the postseason shares breakdown by team. 



Total Pool

Full Share Amount

Shares Voted

Houston Astros

Won World Series



60 full shares, 9.23 partial shares, 4 cash awards

Los Angeles Dodgers

Lost World Series



65 full shares, 12.768 partial shares, 14 cash awards

New York Yankees




57 full shares, 15.01 partial shares

Chicago Cubs




68 full shares, 7.5 partial shares, 6 cash awards

Arizona Diamondbacks




59 full shares, 7.849 partial shares

Washington Nationals




61 full shares, 10.522 partial shares, 16 cash awards

Cleveland Indians




62 full shares, 8.584 partial shares, 9 cash awards

Boston Red Sox




65 full shares, 10.01 partial shares, 6 cash awards

Minnesota Twins

Lost AL Wild Card Game



62 full shares, 2.5 partial shares, 35 cash awards

Colorado Rockies

Lost NL Wild Card Game



52 full shares, 15.139 partial shares

Keep in mind the postseason pool money isn't for the players only. Shares are given to the coaching staff and other members of the team. For most players, a postseason share is a drop in the bucket given their annual income. For others like the clubhouse and video staff, it's a financial windfall.