Since the Dallas Cowboys are in the mood to award second chances, Dez Bryant would like to get in on that party, and Dak Prescott might've just provided the hors d'oeuvres. The club threw a free agency curveball when they decided to sign Aldon Smith to a one-year deal, despite Smith having been out of football since 2015 due to an indefinite suspension, but it's a minimal risk-high reward gambit they're hoping will pay off at a position of need. This makes it difficult to fathom not taking a chance on Bryant, considering he's only been absent from the NFL since suffering a torn Achilles in 2018, and considering the Cowboys lost Randall Cobb to the Houston Texans in free agency and weren't able to convince Emmanuel Sanders he should take less to return to his Texas roots. 

It's true the team could and likely will select one in the middle to late rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft, but players like DeMarcus Lawrence are already beating the table to get Bryant back on the field at AT&T Stadium and his passion back in the locker room, and Amari Cooper flat-out confessed he "wants" to play in 2020 with Bryant -- praising his ability in the process. 

The good news for Bryant is the odds are still "a solid 50/50", sources have continued to confirm to CBS Sports since February, and those are far better than the zero chance he had prior to 2020. The 31-year-old has been working out feverishly to return to football shape and says he's nearly there -- consistently lobbying for a reunion with the Cowboys. 

He recently caught passes from Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes and now he's catching them from none other than Prescott, which raises more than a few eyebrows.

"Dak and [I] just finished a great workout," Bryant wrote on social media. "[We] picked up right where we left off."

The former All-Pro wide receiver set records during his time in North Texas, including the team's all-time mark for receiving touchdowns with 73, but was unceremoniously sent packing following the 2017 season after publicly voicing criticism of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's aged scheme. A venomous split followed -- as did a monumental rift between Bryant and head coach Jason Garrett -- leading to a war of words in the media that led to team exec Stephen Jones writing off any potential reunion, ever.

Time has cooled the heated egos involved though, and once Garrett was waved goodbye to, Bryant immediately began making his case to new head coach Mike McCarthy. As it stands, Stephen Jones is now open to the idea of re-signing Bryant, and owner Jerry Jones says "don't dismiss it" because he "thinks about it in the shower", a Jerryism to truly drive home how the once impossibility is now entirely possible. Neither Jones is willing to interfere with what McCarthy has been empowered to build, however, so the final decision will be his. But if McCarthy can see value in Smith, it stands to reason he'd see some in Bryant, and especially with the front office and star players helping the record-setting three-time Pro Bowler make his case.

So while Prescott hammers out the details on what will be a historic contract for himself, he's also lending a hand to help pull Bryant back onto the roster. The Cowboys are hoping Prescott signs next to the "X" sometime soon, and Bryant is hoping Prescott can help him put an "X" back in the end zone.