After a disastrous start to the season for the Bengals, it seems that some players in the locker would like to see the team possibly consider replacing Andy Dalton

According to PFT, some of the team's players think that "the Bengals should go off the board and consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick," which basically tells you all you need to know about the mood in the Bengals locker room right now. 

Ever since Cincinnati's loss to Houston on Thursday, tensions in the Bengals' locker room seem to be rising by the hour. First, there was reportedly a "near mutiny" by players that basically forced coach Marvin Lewis to fire offensive coordinator Ken Zampese, which was a rare move for the conservative Bengals. The firing of Zampese marked the first time in the team's 50-year history that an offensive coordinator was fired during the season. 

Zampese has now been replaced by Bill Lazor, which might not mean much for Dalton if he doesn't step up his game. According to PFT, Dalton could be benched and potentially replaced by AJ McCarron if he continues to struggle under Lazor. 

No matter how you spin it, this is clearly bad news for Dalton, because if his teammates are already calling for another quarterback, that means that he's already lost part of the locker room. Dalton's popularity in Cincinnati has taken a nosedive over the past two weeks as fans and players both have become frustrated with the Bengals' offense. 

The Bengals have scored exactly zero touchdowns through two games, which is even more embarrassing when you consider that both of the team's first two games were played at home. The Bengals were the first team since the 1939 Eagles to not score a touchdown through the first two weeks of a season when playing both games at home. 

As for Kaepernick, although it's highly unlikely the Bengals would add a quarterback at this point in the season -- no matter what anyone in the locker room wants -- there is a unique twist here that involves Bengals owner Mike Brown

About a year after the 2011 NFL Draft, Brown said that he actually would've preferred to draft Kaepernick over Dalton, but the Bengals offensive coordinator at the time, Jay Gruden, preferred Dalton, so that's who the team drafted. 

The one thing we do know about Kaepernick is that he definitely wants to play this season. The former 49ers quarterback made it clear that he'll pick up his phone if a team decides to give him a call

"I'm ready right now," Kaepernick told journalist Shaun King on Sunday. "Working out daily." 

The reality of the situation is that the Bengals are heading to Green Bay in Week 3, and if they don't win there, they're going to be limping back to Cincinnati with an 0-3 record. If Dalton continues to struggle over the next few weeks and the Bengals' locker room turns on him, Lewis might be forced to make a change at quarterback, which would almost certainly mean McCarron gets a chance to start.