After just two years, it looks like the Indianapolis Colts might be ready to move on from Phillip Dorsett ... for the right price. 

According to former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi, the Colts are looking to trade Dorsett and Indy's phone lines are wide open should any team want to call and inquire about the former first-round pick.  

"[Dorsett's] available in trade if somebody's willing to talk to them about it," Lombardi said during an interview on "The Rich Eisen Show."

And just so there's no confusion, Lombardi stressed that Dorsett is available now.  

"Right now. You can have him if you want him," Lombardi said. 

The Colts roster has a ton of holes right now, so it's not clear what they would ask for in exchange for Dorsett, but any number of things would make sense. Indy could ask for a draft pick, or if they want some immediate help, they could look to flip Dorsett for a defensive player. 

On the other hand, they could end up doing neither of those things. Lombardi mentioned that trading for a bigger receiver might make sense because it would help the Colts offense, which in turn would help their franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck

"They know they need to get better around Luck," Lombardi said. "They need bigger receivers so they can block when they spread the formation out. When you have two little receivers, you can't really run the ball out of that formation. When you're in spread, you can't really run it."

Speaking of Luck, the former Browns general manager said that if he was running the Colts, he wouldn't let Luck on the field until October at the earliest.

"I don't think Andrew Luck should play until he's 100 percent healthy," Lombardi said.  

The well-connected Lombardi, who spent the 2014 and 2015 seasons working for the Patriots and has been working in the NFL since 1984, seems to love talking about trade possibilities. Back in March, it was Lombardi who first mentioned that the Seahawks were open to trading Richard Sherman for the right asking price

As for Dorsett, the 24-year-old is going into his third year with the Colts. The former first-round pick, who was selected 29th overall in 2014, caught 33 passes for 528 yards in 2016. 

If the Colts did trade Dorsett, it would mark the second time this month that a wide receiver who was taken in the first round of the 2014 draft got traded. Former Bills receiver Sammy Watkins, who was taken fourth overall in 2014, was traded to the Rams