That sound you hear is the Dallas Cowboys exhaling while letting out an audible "phew." The 12-10 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 4 was a messy one for the team's offense, which failed to match serve with a defensive unit that played lights-out football. The contest wasn't the only thing they lost, however, as the injury bug again stung the roster on Sunday.

A source confirmed to me mid-Monday afternoon that veteran safety Kavon Frazier suffered a torn pectoral muscle during the game and requires surgery to repair it, which he'll undergo on Tuesday. He'll then be placed on injured reserve with no expectation to return in 2019. While the Cowboys couldn't dodge that bullet aimed at Frazier, they did escape the one fixated on six-time Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith -- who suffered a high ankle sprain on the final offensive series of the game when Dak Prescott was sacked and pushed back into Smith's legs. 

He'd leave Mercedes-Benz Stadium in a walking boot and the team wasn't optimistic they'd receive good news from his Monday morning MRI, but indeed they have. 

While a separate source confirmed to me on Monday morning that Smith is likely out for the Week 5 battle with the visiting Green Bay Packers, the MRI showed the sprain to be nowhere near the severity the Cowboys had originally feared. This was confirmed by head coach Jason Garrett in his Monday afternoon press conference, and the Cowboys are instead listing Smith as week-to-week -- not expecting him to miss any significant time going forward. 

The 28-year-old has a very real chance at taking the field in Week 6 against the New York Jets, assuming the team doesn't opt to rest him one additional week with the rival Philadelphia Eagles looming in Week 7.

"It's hard to say anything definitively about [Tyron Smith], but we did get some favorable results from the MRI," Garrett said. "So we're going to list him as week-to-week, and just see how he responds over the next few days. We're still less than 24 hours out from the injury, so we'll just see how he responds coming in. 

"But the initial results have been favorable."

This sentiment was echoed on Tuesday morning by owner Jerry Jones, who is thrilled at the news on Smith.

"We got the best news we could possibly get," Jones said to 105.3FM the Fan. "It's unlikely we'll see him this week ... On a longer term basis, we couldn't have asked for better news. I'm looking forward to having him back out there quick."

What Garrett is alluding to regarding the 24-hour window is swelling and the like, with the next several days giving them a real chance at seeing where Smith is in his rehab. Still, although it's not great news to hear he'll miss a key game against the Packers wherein the Cowboys need to bounce back in a big way following the loss to the Saints, they can at least breath a sigh of relief knowing their six-time All-Pro is expected to return soon.

In his absence, don't expect a wild shift across the offensive front to fill the void. The lead plan is to start backup Cameron Fleming in Smith's place, and the Cowboys re-signed him to a two-year deal worth $7.5 million this offseason for such an occurrence. 

"Well I think Cam Fleming has done a good job for us," Garrett said. "That's one of the reasons we went out and got him. He's a veteran player, an experienced player, and he's done a good job when he's had opportunities to play in this league. He did a good job for us last year. 

"He's the guy that went in and played. He's a smart football player. He's a tough football player. He scratches and claws and finds a way to get the job done. 

"He played in -- I think eight plays in the game last night. He did a good job standing in there in some challenging circumstances. He'll be the guy who has the opportunity to go and replace Tyron. But again, we'll take Tyron's situation day by day leading up to the ball game this week."

Fleming is a two-time Super Bowl winner who spent time as a starter for the New England Patriots, and will be tasked with helping to stop a stout edge rush from the Packers in Week 5. Time will tell if his services are needed in the week thereafter, though, because it's now clear Smith won't be sidelined for long.