It's now been more than one month since the Cowboys released Dez Bryant, and so far, no one really seems to be interested in signing the free agent wide receiver. Well, there was one team, but Bryant decided he didn't want to play for them. 

The Ravens were that one team that showed some serious interest in Bryant after he was cut on April 13. As a matter of fact, Baltimore was so interested in adding the former Cowboys receiver that the team offered him a pretty impressive multi-year deal. According to, the Ravens offered Bryant a contract that was comparable to the one that Michael Crabtree signed with Baltimore, meaning the Ravens were offering a three-year deal for roughly $21 million. However, Bryant turned down the contract because he didn't want to sign a multi-year deal. 

Although a three-year deal seems like a great opportunity for a 29-year-old receiver, Bryant is apparently looking to sign a one-year deal, but hasn't been able to find a team willing to offer that. 

After Bryant turned down the Baltimore deal, the Ravens quickly moved on and signed former Saints receiver Willie Snead, which eliminated any need they had for Bryant. Despite the fact that Bryant hasn't received a single contract offer since then, he says he has no regrets about turning down the deal and passing up on the millions of dollars that Baltimore was offering. 

In the tweet below, Bryant answers a question about whether or not he has any regrets not signing with the Ravens. In his answer, Bryant also managed to take a shot at the media, because, let's be honest, we're an easy target. 

Although there are currently zero teams looking to sign Bryant, the former Cowboys receiver did promise that he won't be retiring this year, so don't look for that to happen. 

The Dez Bryant free agency tour hasn't been much of a tour over the past month. Besides the Ravens, there was also some speculation that the Packers might sign him after Jason Witten said he would be a good fit in Green Bay, but quickly ended that rumor this week. Not to mention, Bryant has already said he doesn't want to play for the Packers, because he has "too much history" with them AKA he's still bitter about that catch that got overturned. 

If you're wondering why Bryant hasn't been lighting up the free agent market, it's because he just hasn't been very productive over the past few years. After averaging 13.7 touchdown catches per season from 2012-14, Bryant hasn't even hit the 10-touchdown mark in the three seasons since then. Not to mention, Bryant has now gone 22 games without hitting the 100-yard mark. Any team out there would likely have to design a scheme for him to to make him productive, and right now, it doesn't look like any team is interested in doing that. 

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