Aaron Rodgers seems to be healing faster than any human alive. Less than six weeks after having his collarbone surgically repaired, the Packers quarterback was back on the field throwing passes on Sunday, and we're not just talking any passes. Rodgers was launching bombs. 

Before the Packers' wild 31-28 loss to the Steelers on Sunday night, Rodgers took the field during pregame and started slinging passes all over the place. First, he started with a few mid-range passes. 

After he got more comfortable, the injured quarterback launched a 54-yard bomb. 

The pregame passing session marked the first time that Rodgers has thrown the ball publicly since fracturing his collarbone back in Week 6. The throwing session also came just 11 days after Rodgers made his first practice appearance in front of the media. 

Rodgers hasn't played since he was injured in the first half of Green Bay's 23-10 loss to the Vikings on October 15. Four days after he suffered the injury, Rodgers underwent surgery and later told Conan O'Brien that it took 13 screws to repair his collarbone

The injured quarterback actually admitted to Michele Tafoya on Sunday that he's not sure how fast his collarbone is healing because he hasn't had an MRI done recently. 

Rodgers said he's been avoiding an MRI because there's really no upside for him to get one right now. Basically, if his collarbone is healing fast, it doesn't mean anything because he's currently on injured reserve and wouldn't be allowed to practice anyway. On the other hand, if his collarbone isn't healing as quickly as expected, he might become discouraged. 

Of course, even if Rodgers miraculously heals, there's no guarantee that he'll return to the field this season. The Packers quarterback has said that he's only going to return if it "makes sense" and it wouldn't make much sense for him to return if the Packers are out of the playoff race. 

As things currently stand, the 5-6 Packers are two games out of the NFC's final wild card spot. However, they do have two very winnable games coming up in the next two weeks against Tampa Bay in Week 13 and Cleveland in Week 14. 

If the Packers are still in contention after those two games, we could potentially see Rodgers return to action. Rodgers was placed on injured reserve on Oct. 20 and is eligible to return to practice on December 1. After that, Rodgers has to wait two weeks before he's eligible to come off IR and play in a game, which could come as early as Week 15, when the Packers travel to Charlotte to play the Panthers.