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When Russell Wilson underwent surgery on Friday, it was reported that he would likely be out for six to eight weeks, but apparently, the Seahawks quarterback is going to make a serious attempt to get back on the field well before that. 

According to, Wilson is hoping to return after just four weeks and if that happens, it would mean that he'd miss just three games. Under that timeline, Wilson would miss games against the Steelers (Week 6), the Saints (Week 7) and the Jaguars (Week 8) before returning to practice in Week 9. The good news for Wilson is that the Seahawks have a bye that week, so Wilson wouldn't have to be back on the field until Seattle's Week 10 showdown with the Packers.

The game against Green Bay is being played 37 days after Wilson will have undergone surgery, which means the middle finger on his throwing hand will have had more than five weeks to fully heal before he would have to play. If Wilson's not recovering quick enough to get him on the field for the Packers game, then he plans on returning by Week 11 when the Seahawks host the Cardinals, according to Either way, it sounds like Wilson doesn't plan on being out six to eight weeks. 

If Wilson only misses four weeks, that would absolutely be the best case scenario for the Seahawks, who are currently sitting at 2-3. The next three games on the schedule are all certainly winnable, even without Wilson on the field. If the Seahawks can go just 2-1 over the stretch, that would move them to 4-4 for Wilson's return game, which would keep them alive for earning a playoff spot and possibly winning the NFC West. 

Wilson injured his finger during Seattle's 26-17 loss to the Rams on Thursday. According to, the official diagnosis on his finger is an "extensor tendon rupture (mallet finger) and a comminuted fracture-dislocation of the proximal interphalangeal joint." The reason Wilson needed surgery is because the injury prevents you from straightening out your finger, which makes it difficult to throw the ball. 

Wilson posted a photo on Friday night after he underwent surgery and he likely wouldn't have posted that unless he felt that everything went well.