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Tom Brady has won more Super Bowl rings than any other player in NFL history, but he doesn't have all the bragging rights in Tampa and that's because there is one player on the Buccaneers roster who has won more Super Bowl rings than Brady over the past two seasons and that player is LeSean McCoy

Although McCoy was on the inactive list for Tampa Bay's 31-9 win over Kansas City in Super Bowl LV, he'll definitely be getting a ring, which marks the second year in a row that the running back has been on the winning side in the Super Bowl. Back in 2019, McCoy won his first career ring while playing for the Chiefs. Amazingly enough, he's won the two rings despite the fact that he didn't play a single snap in either Super Bowl. 

By playing on the winning team this year, McCoy joined a rare list of players who have won two Super Bowls in a row by beating the team they once played for. To make this list, not only do you have to win ONE Super Bowl, but you have to sign with another team during the offseason, then make it back to the Super Bowl with your new team and face the team that let you walk away in free agency, which is what happened to McCoy when he left the Chiefs after the 2019 season to sign with the Buccaneers. 

Only three other players have gone that route to earn Super Bowl rings and amazingly, Brady has actually been involved in each situation. 

Brandon Browner
Won Super Bowl XLVIII with Seahawks 
Won Super Bowl XLIX with Patriots, who beat the Seahawks 28-24

Chris Long
Won Super Bowl LI with Patriots
Won Super Bowl LII with Eagles, who beat the Patriots 41-33

LeGarrette Blount
Won Super Bowl LI with Patriots
Won Super Bowl LII with Eagles, who beat the Patriots 41-33

LeSean McCoy
Won Super Bowl LIV with Chiefs
Won Super Bowl LV with Buccaneers, who beat the Chiefs 31-9

Although Brady isn't on this list, he was probably more than happy to help McCoy get that second Super Bowl ring. Brady was voted MVP of Super Bowl LV after throwing for 201 yards and three touchdowns. 

As for McCoy, he didn't play much during either Super Bowl run. During the 2019 postseason, McCoy played a total of one snap with the Chiefs. During the 2020 postseason, the running back saw his numbers go up slightly as he played a total of three snaps in the playoffs (one against the Packers and two against the Saints). 

Despite his two Super Bowl wins, McCoy does seem to have one regret in his career and that's not winning a title with the Eagles. The running back was traded to Buffalo in March 2015, just two years before the Eagles would win the Super Bowl. 

"Winning last year was nice and winning this year would be great, too," McCoy said before the Buccaneers' win, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. "But I do wish that I could've won one when I was an Eagle. I mean, that's where I started. I feel like I sacrificed so much back then when I was rolling [playing well]. I didn't get those championships like I wanted. But it's paying off now. I did all of the hard work then, and am receiving the rewards now. When I have two rings on my finger, I'll be able to look back at the things I did to get here. That's how I play it out in my mind."

McCoy might not be a starter anymore, but he's a Super Bowl magnet. Although he seems to win Super Bowls wherever he goes now, he might not try for a third straight win in 2021 and that's because the 32-year-old is thinking about retirement

"If I get a second championship, with everything I've accomplished, it might be over," McCoy said before the Buccaneers win. "You never know. I'll revisit that later."

During the 2020 offseason, McCoy didn't sign with the Bucs until July and if he doesn't retire this year, it won't be surprising if he decides to once again take some down time before potentially signing with someone.