Hello, everyone. Dan Schneier (@DanSchneierNFL) here. We're moving onward into Week 8 of what has been an interesting Fantasy Football season to say the least. Due to a combination of injuries and now a couple of untimely trips to the reserve/COVID list, Week 8 projects to be a difficult one for some Fantasy Football managers. There will be tough lineup decisions and some of you have already made difficult trades aimed to help your team now at the expense of your team's future. But we always want to be both forward looking and in the present here with our advice so we'll focus on helping you get right moving forward.

Every week I will get together the Fantasy Football Today crew to provide me responses to a panel of questions that could help you win your week and ultimately (hopefully) your league. This week we'll dive into early-season breakouts due to regress, vice versa, bench stashes and more. Without further ado, let's dive right in:

1. Is there any reason to stash any of the rookie QBs in 1-QB leagues?

Adam: No there isn't. I could make the case for Trevor Lawrence as he is playing better lately. And I could make the case for Trey Lance because he rushed for 41 yards in a half in Week 4 and 89 yards in his Week 5 start, but the QB position is too deep and I don't know how many Fantasy managers need to gamble on these guys. 

Dave: I still believe in Trey Lance's upside and wouldn't mind stashing him as long as I'm not missing out on someone better at another position on waivers. And I'd hang on to Trevor Lawrence if my starter was Kyler Murray or Patrick Mahomes (the Jags host the Falcons during the Cardinals and Chiefs' Week 12 bye). Otherwise, nah.

Jamey: If you have a deep enough bench then I'm fine holding onto Trevor Lawrence or Trey Lance. Lawrence has started to play better of late, and hopefully, his Fantasy production will start to rise as he gets more comfortable. Lance has plenty of upside with his rushing ability, and we'll see what he can do with a healthy George Kittle (calf) for the 49ers. As for Justin Fields, it feels like we'll be waiting for 2022 when a likely new coaching staff can help improve his Fantasy outlook.

Chris: I think Trevor Lawrence is probably the only one worth rostering under normal circumstances, and even he is probably little more than a bye week replacement. I'm interested to see if he can take a step forward coming out of the bye. I would also say Trey Lance isn't the worst use of a bench spot right now, given Kyle Shanahan's seeming lack of faith in Jimmy Garoppolo. Lance looked pretty rough as a passer in his first start in place of an injured Garoppolo, but his rushing could make him a viable Fantasy QB regardless. 

Heath: It really depends on how many bench spots you have. Because, yeah, I still have hope that Trey Lance or Justin Fields or Trevor Lawrence might have a difference-making stretch in them. But that hope is much smaller than it used to be. If you only have five bench spots, they should probably be on the waiver wire.

2. Which WR is more likely to bounce back: Calvin Ridley or Allen Robinson?

Adam: I would say at this point that Jordy Nelson is more likely to bounce back than Allen Robinson. Ridley is still getting the targets and the Falcons have a competent passing game. I think the only hope for Robinson would be a trade. 

Dave: Hmmm tough call. Is it the one with very good speed and elite-level route-running on a pass-heavy offense, or the one who can't ditch coverage and is being out-targeted by a flashier, faster receiver on the team that's thrown the second-fewest passes in football? Let me break out my abacus and load up on coffee -- this one's gonna take all night.

Jamey: I don't have any concern with Ridley, and he's someone to buy low in all leagues. The targets have been there for him, and Matt Ryan will start connecting with him soon enough that you'll forget this rough start. I have no faith in Robinson right now, so it's doubtful he's bouncing back any time soon. His only saving grace might be if the Bears turn back to Andy Dalton, as strange as that might sound.

Chris: It's Ridley by far. I think he's one of the best buy-low players in the game right now. Robinson is in an offense that just isn't functioning at an NFL level right now in pretty much any way -- Khalil Herbert's last two games being the lone notable exception. Ridley, on the other hand, is on a team that is moving the ball and scoring pretty well, especially of late, and is still earning No. 1 WR targets. He'll get going. 

Heath:  Probably Keenan Allen. I fully expect him to be a top-12 PPR wide receiver rest of season. You shouldn't have to pay near that much.

3. Which 'dead zone' RB do you trust more ROS: Mike Davis or Myles Gaskin?

Adam: I trust Myles Gaskin more. It seems like Mike Davis might have lost his job to Cordarrelle Patterson in Week 7, and the Malcolm Brown injury really helps Gaskin as it keeps him on the field inside the 10 yard line. I don't love Gaskin but I certainly prefer him to Davis.

Dave: My fears from last week came true: Davis is being relegated to a smaller role. Gaskin, meanwhile, caught a break when Malcolm Brown left Week 7 early. The Dolphins have no choice but to stick with Gaskin. Davis might get the chance to rebound if something happens to Patterson, but Gaskin is the one I'd rather have for this week.

Jamey: I have plenty of optimism for Gaskin now that Malcolm Brown (quad) is on injured reserve. Now, the Dolphins can let Gaskin play free and not force Brown on the field. Gaskin also should continue to thrive in the passing game, especially with Will Fuller (hand) out and DeVante Parker (shoulder) banged up. Davis is well behind Cordarrelle Patterson now for the Falcons, and Wayne Gallman might start getting more attention in Atlanta. I'm ready to move on from Davis in most leagues.

Chris: I think it probably has to be Gaskin at this point. I'm not convinced Davis' time as a Fantasy relevant player is done -- he still played nearly as many snaps as Cordarrelle Patterson last week -- but Patterson getting 14 carries to just four for Davis is obviously a bad sign. I don't trust Gaskin, or at least I don't want to, but Gaskin is a top-25 back for me in Week 8, and the absence of Malcolm Brown probably means he'll see more snaps in obvious passing situations and near the goal line, in addition to his valuable passing game role. 

Heath: 100% Myles Gaskin. Mike Davis is droppable, even if you're just spite-dropping. Gaskin currently looks like a low-end No. 2 running back. I don't totally trust that, but I trust it a lot more than I trust Davis.

4. Who is your favorite TE streamer for Week 8?

Adam: Ricky Seals-Jones and Robert Tonyan top the list this week. I'd prefer RSJ who basically never leaves the field, but Tonyan has a great opportunity against the Cardinals on Thursday. It doesn't matter that the Cardinals allow the fewest Fantasy Points to TEs as their competition has been laughable thus far. You can stream Tonyan or RSJ with a decent amount of confidence this week. 

Dave: I am nervously recommending Evan Engram. If I'm wrong, I should be publicly humiliated. Heath should hit me in the back with a kendo stick. If I'm right, then Engram will have had the best game of his season against a struggling Chiefs defense. But I also like Pat Freiermuth as a streaming tight end who could become a full-time starter, so if you can't bring yourself to trust Engram, Freiermuth is a good (better?) option who might stick on your roster for a few weeks.

Jamey: It's Robert Tonyan now that Davante Adams and Allen Lazard are both on the reserve/COVID-19 list. Tonyan should get fed targets, and in two games last year with Adams out, Tonyan had 11 catches for 148 yards and four touchdowns on 11 targets. It's a tough matchup against the Cardinals, but this is a good week to trust Tonyan with an increased role.

Chris: I think it's probably Jared Cook (58%). When it comes to touchdown-or-bust tight ends, I'll go with the guy in a great offense who is on pace for 90-plus targets, even if it isn't an ideal matchup. 

Heath: Jared Cook. He has seven targets in two of the past three games and I think Bill Belichick will make it a much bigger priority to stop Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, and Austin Ekeler.

5. Who is your favorite buy-low player to trade for at any position?

Adam: My favorite buy low is Chase Claypool. He is coming off a disappointing performance in Week 6 but I still love the opportunity he has with Juju Smith-Schuster out for the season. I could see him being a Top 20 WR going forward. 

Dave: If the guy in your league who has Darren Waller is 3-4 or worse, he probably needs help to win this week. Offer it to him if you can afford to give up some guys and wait a week for Waller's services. He's on a potent passing team and his target volume will improve. If the guy in your league who has Waller is you, then stick with him unless you get a good offer and/or you absolutely must win this week's matchup.

Jamey: I'm aggressively going after Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson in leagues where I need a quarterback. Fantasy managers with Mahomes are frustrated, especially after the dud he posted in Week 7 at Tennessee. And Jackson is on a bye and coming off a somewhat down game in Week 7 against the Bengals. This is likely the lowest you will see both star quarterbacks all year, so make offers now for big rewards later. 

Chris: I wrote about that exact topic today in the Fantasy Football Today Newsletter, with my three top candidates: Patrick Mahomes, Calvin Ridley, and Mike Davis. Obviously, there are varying levels of concern about all three, with Mahomes probably the hardest one to actually buy low on, while my expectations for Davis are much, much lower than for the other two. Ridley probably falls in the Goldilocks zone of being the right price with the right upside, so he's my favorite. 

Heath: Probably Keenan Allen. I fully expect him to be a top-12 PPR wide receiver rest of the season. You shouldn't have to pay near that much.