Want to see where your players measure up moving forward? Here's how all of the relevant players match up for the rest of the season, with with their overall rank in both Non-PPR and PPR next to their name and their position rank on the right. Use these to get help with waiver adds and drops and trades with the playoffs looming. We're also looking for feedback: Shoot me a tweet @daverichard with any thoughts you have and we'll consider applying them to future editions. Enjoy!

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Rest of Season Rankings

PlayerNon-PPRPPRNon-PPR Pos.PPR Pos.
A. Kamara11RB1RB1
D. Cook22RB2RB2
C. McCaffrey33RB3RB3
A. Jones44RB4RB4
D. Adams55WR1WR1
J. Robinson76RB6RB5
T. Kelce97TE1TE1
D. Henry68RB5RB6
T. Hill109WR2WR2
K. Allen1410WR3WR3
N. Chubb811RB7RB7
J. Jacobs1112RB8RB8
M. Sanders1513RB9RB9
K. Murray1214QB1QB1
P. Mahomes1315QB2QB2
J. Jones1616WR4WR4
S. Diggs1717WR5WR5
D. Hopkins1818WR6WR6
DK Metcalf1919WR7WR7
C. Carson2020RB10RB10
A. Rodgers2121QB3QB3
R. Wilson2222QB4QB4
J. Conner2323RB11RB11
J. Allen2424QB5QB5
D. Watson2525QB6QB6
J. Mixon2626RB12RB12
D. Waller2727TE2TE2
A.J. Brown2828WR8WR8
T. McLaurin2929WR9WR9
D. Swift3030RB13RB13
W. Fuller3131WR10WR10
J. Smith-Schuster3632WR12WR11
K. Golladay3233WR11WR12
C. Ridley3734WR13WR13
M. Evans3835WR14WR14
E. Elliott3936RB15RB14
M. Thomas4037WR15WR15
A. Robinson4138WR16WR16
L. Jackson3339QB7QB7
J. Herbert3440QB8QB8
T. Gurley3541RB14RB15
A. Ekeler4342RB17RB16
A. Thielen4443WR17WR17
T. Higgins4544WR18WR18
C. Godwin4645WR19WR19
T. Fulgham4846WR20WR20
T. Lockett4947WR21WR21
K. Drake4248RB16RB17
R. Mostert4749RB18RB18
K. Hunt5050RB19RB19
D.J. Moore5151WR22WR22
C. Edwards-Helaire5252RB20RB20
C. Kirk5453WR23WR23
R. Woods5554WR24WR24
D. Johnson5755WR25WR25
B. Roethlisberger5356QB9QB9
M. Andrews5857TE3TE3
C. Kupp5958WR26WR26
T. Boyd6559WR27WR27
T. Brady5660QB10QB10
Da. Johnson6061RB21RB21
J. Taylor6162RB22RB22
A. Gibson6263RB23RB23
B. Aiyuk6664WR28WR28
A. Cooper6865WR29WR29
B. Cooks6966WR30WR30
W. Gallman6367RB24RB24
T. Hockenson7068TE4TE4
D.J. Chark7169WR31WR31
J. Jefferson7270WR32WR32
D. Harris6471RB25RB25
M. Ryan6772QB11QB11
R. Gronkowski7473TE5TE5
C. Claypool7574WR33WR33
J. Meyers8675WR37WR34
R. Jones7376RB26RB26
M. Davis7677RB27RB27
D. Montgomery7778RB28RB28
R. Anderson7879WR34WR35
C. Edmonds7980RB29RB29
E. Engram8081TE6TE6
J. Jeudy8182WR35WR36
Antonio Brown8283WR36WR37
J. Dobbins8384RB30RB30
H. Henry8485TE7TE7
K. Ballage8786RB31RB31
H. Hurst8887TE8TE8
S. Shepard9888WR40WR38
J. Crowder11489WR46WR39
J. Burrow8590QB12QB12
G. Bernard8991RB32RB32
M. Gaskin9092RB33RB33
N. Fant9193TE9TE9
J. Cook9294TE10TE10
J. Smith9395TE11TE11
C. Lamb9496WR38WR40
D. Samuel9597WR39WR41
M. Gordon9998RB35RB34
N. Hines10099RB36RB35
C. Beasley101100WR41WR42
D. Henderson96101RB34RB36
Z. Ertz97102TE12TE12
Z. Moss102103RB37RB37
M. Brown103104RB38RB38
C. Hyde104105RB39RB39
E. Ebron105106TE13TE13
T. Patrick106107WR42WR43
A. Lazard107108WR43WR44
C. Davis108109WR44WR45
A. Hooper115110TE14TE14
J. Brown116111WR47WR46
D. Parker117112WR48WR47
D. Brees109113QB13QB13
G. Edwards110114RB40RB40
P. Lindsay111115RB41RB41
S. Ahmed112116RB42RB42
M. Brown113117RB38RB38
J. Williams118118RB43RB43
J. McKinnon119119RB44RB44
L. Fournette120120RB45RB45
D. Goedert121121TE15TE15
L. Thomas122122TE16TE16
D. Slayton123123WR49WR49
T. Tagovailoa124124QB14QB14
T. Pollard125125RB46RB46
Du. Johnson126126RB47RB47
C. Akers127127RB48RB48
A. Mattison128128RB49RB49
L. Murray129129RB50RB50
B. Scott130130RB51RB51
B. Snell131131RB52RB52