After a bit of turmoil, Roger Goodell's extension finally seems to be on the way. With his current contract expiring in 2019, Goodell's extension is reportedly 'getting papered right now,' according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Owner Jerry Jones was reportedly spearheading a small-scale owners' mutiny against Goodell, wanting a pay cut for the commissioner, but he ultimately failed in that request.

The announcement comes just one day after the NFLPA announced that DeMaurice Smith will retain his position as executive director of the NFLPA. Both sides are gearing up for what is expected to be a lengthy dispute over the new Collective Bargaining Agreement after the current one expires in 2020. For Goodell, however, most of the issues lie in his pay -- which was seen as the biggest speed bump to his extension.

Goodell made $34.1 million in 2014 and $32 million in 2015, according to public tax records that the NFL must submit as a non-profit. Goodell has been the commissioner of the league since 2006. Per Schefter, the deal may take days or weeks to finalize. Goodell has been controversial with not only owners, but fans as well. Some are upset by the seemingly unilateral power that he wields to dole out punishments to players. The NFL's personal conduct policy is expected to be a contentious topic come CBA negotiations, with the cases of Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott being the most notable.

On Wednesday, a conference call between six committee members -- Arthur Blank of the Falcons; Clark Hunt of the Chiefs; Robert Kraft of the Patriots; John Mara of the Giants; Bob McNair of the Texans and Art Rooney II of the Steelers; with Jones as an unofficial seventh member that was on the call -- ultimately confirmed the deal. In spite of the controversies, the NFL has seen record growth under Goodell and remains king among American professional sports, and money is ultimately what talks among NFL owners.