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Only a few weeks remain in the regular season, which means only a few weeks remain in the race to grab one of the 12 Bottom 25 Playoff spots, and of those 12, I'm not sure how many are truly attainable.

We seem to have a pretty solid Bottom 10 that's formed in recent weeks, with a group of six teams that are competing for one of those final two spots. Now, that could change if one of the Power Five teams like Colorado, Northwestern or Boston College manages to pull off an upset in November. Still, given how they've played all year, I don't know how realistic a scenario that is.

The good news is that while the playoff contenders are beginning to pull away from the pack, none of them are pulling too far away from one another. We could be gearing up for one of the most unpredictable Bottom 25 Playoffs of all time.

No Longer Ranked: No. 23 Georgia Tech, No. 20 Utah State