With eight teams left in the NFL playoffs, that means there's still 16 possible Super Bowls that could take place this year, and since some of those potential Super Bowls are slightly more exciting than others, we've decided to rank all 16. 

Not only did we rank all 16 possible Super Bowls, but we also included the odds that the game will happen. For instance, a Colts-Cowboys Super Bowl only has a 33-to-1 chance of happening, which means if you were hoping to see a rematch of one of the worst games of the NFL season, the oddsmakers don't think that's going to happen. 

If you still haven't marked your calendar for the Super Bowl, the game will be kicking off from Atlanta on Feb. 3 and will be televised by CBS and you can stream it right here. If you're thinking about buying a new TV for the big game, CNET has you covered. They shared their best picks for every budget.

So what's the best potential matchup for Super Bowl LIII? 

Let's get to the rankings and find out. 

Best Super Bowl matchups

Odds of game happening (via Bookmaker.eu)

16. Colts vs. Cowboys 
Odds of happening: 33-to-1

We saw this game back in Week 15 and it was a total disaster for the Cowboys, who got destroyed 23-0. The last thing I want to see in a Super Bowl is a rematch from the regular season that involved a game where one of the teams got shut out. On the flip side, this would be a rematch of Super Bowl V, which means the Cowboys would potentially get to take out 48 years of pent up revenge on the Colts, who won that game 16-13. 

15. Chargers vs. Eagles
Odds of happening: 28-to-1

This game would be captivating for exactly two reasons. For one, we would have Philip Rivers going for the first Super Bowl title of his 15-year career. The other reason this game would be fascinating is because Nick Foles would be going for his second straight win in the NFL's biggest game. 

I mean, can you imagine a world where Nick Foles finishes his career with two Super Bowl wins and Philip Rivers has zero? This guy can. 

Two weeks ago, I would have said there's no way anything in that tweet could ever happen, but I've now learned never to doubt any predictions involving Nick Foles because there's an 80 percent chance they'll come true.  

14. Colts vs. Rams
Odds of happening: 14-to-1 

If this game were to happen, all eyes would likely be on Andrew Luck's surgically repaired right shoulder and that's because he would be going up against quarterback destroyer Aaron Donald. The Rams defensive lineman led the NFL in sacks in 2018 with 20.5 and the guess here is that he would probably try to equal that total in one night against Luck. 

Rams coach Sean McVay would likely be the star of Super Bowl week and that's because this game would be a homecoming for him. McVay went to high school in Atlanta, and get this, in 2003, he beat out CALVIN JOHNSON for high school player of the year in Georgia. Seriously, that happened. 

Maybe Calvin Johnson could handle the opening coin toss or something since he never got to play in a Super Bowl. 

13. Chargers vs. Rams 
Odds of happening: 12-to-1

No one outside of Los Angeles would really care about this game and I'm pretty sure that even half the people in L.A. wouldn't care, but you know who would love this Super Bowl? The NFL.  This game would basically serve as a three-hour infomercial for football in Los Angeles and it would come at the perfect time for two teams that are both trying to sell tickets for a new L.A. stadium that's scheduled to open in 2020. Also, it would give both teams a chance to expand their fan bases, which would be especially good news for the Chargers since they don't really have a fan base in L.A. On the other hand, the NFL could also just go full WWE and turn the Super Bowl into a "Loser Leaves Los Angeles" game. The game would probably break every ratings record in the book if fans knew the losing team had to move back to their old city. 

Although the odds of this game happening are just 12-to-1, I have to think it's almost a lock now since this guy spoke it into existence. 

12. Chargers vs. Cowboys
Odds of happening: 28-to-1 

If this game happens, I'm pretty sure the Cowboys would end up getting the greatest home-field advantage in Super Bowl history. I mean, just think about it: The Chargers barely have enough fans to fill a 27,000-seat stadium while the Cowboys could probably fill that same stadium if they were just practicing. I'm guessing Chargers fans would be outnumbered in Atlanta by a ratio of roughly 25,000-to-1. Of course, if Philip Rivers' entire family shows for the game, then that ratio might be cut in half. 

11. Colts vs. Saints
Odds of happening: 10-to-1

The odds of this game happening should probably be bumped up to 100 percent and that's because I'm starting to think that football Gods are basically demanding that this rematch happens. I mean, how else can you explain this: Back in 2009, the Saints won the Super Bowl over the Colts after a 13-3 season where New Orleans lost to the Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers. In 2018, the Saints finished 13-3 with losses to the SAME THREE TEAMS (Buccaneers, Cowboys and Panthers), which means a Super Bowl win over the Colts is the only possible way for this season to end. 

I'm writing it down now. 

10. Chiefs vs. Cowboys 
Odds of happening: 16-to-1

Everyone would get a crash course in football history if these two teams end up in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs and the Cowboys aren't exactly rivals, but maybe they should be, and that's because they once battled over Dallas. When the Chiefs came into existence in 1960, they weren't known as the Chiefs, they were known as the Dallas Texans. For three years, the Cowboys shared a stadium in Dallas with the Texans, who were a part of the AFL. Eventually, Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt decided Dallas wasn't big enough for two teams, so he moved the Texans to Kansas City in 1963. Since the Chiefs got nudged out of their own city, I'm going to say this qualifies as a revenge game. Also, this Super Bowl would probably give us the best tailgating and that's because the parking lot at Mercedes-Benz Stadium would be filled with both Kansas City and Texas barbecue. We could also probably finally decide which one is actually better. 

9. Chargers vs. Saints
Odds of happening: 8-to-1

It's not often that you can get a game that features two quarterbacks who were teammates for two years, but that's what we would be getting here. Drew Brees was originally drafted by the Chargers back in 2001, but the team made it clear that he wasn't their quarterback of the future in 2004 when they drafted Philip Rivers with the fourth overall pick. Although Brees lasted one more season with the Chargers, the team let his contract expire after he suffered a shoulder injury in the 2005 regular season finale. Brees ended up with the Saints in 2006 and Rivers became the starter for the Chargers, which is leads to where we are today. Would Brees stick it to the Chargers or would Rivers get his first Super Bowl win? I have no idea, but I would definitely be watching to find out. 

8. Colts vs. Eagles
Odds of happening: 33-to-1 

If there's anyone who knows how to stop the Nick Foles playoff train, it's Colts coach Frank Reich. Last year at this time, Reich was serving as Philadelphia's offensive coordinator during the Eagles run to the Super Bowl. Basically, Reich has spent a lot of time around Foles, which means he might be the only coach who can bottle up all of Foles' playoff magic and bury it forever. Although Reich won a Super Bowl with the Eagles last year, he's also had a few ugly experiences in the NFL's biggest game. The poor guy played for the Bills from 1985-94, which means he once lost four straight Super Bowls with Buffalo. Reich also lost a Super Bowl as the Colts quarterbacks coach in 2009. He probably needs this win more than anyone. 

7. Patriots vs. Rams
Odds of happening: 8-to-1

If Tom Brady is going to retire after a Super Bowl win, this would be the game to do it and that's because his career would basically come full circle with a win over the Rams. The legend of Tom Brady officially started in 2001 when he led New England to a 20-17 Super Bowl win over the Rams in a game where the Patriots were a 14-point underdog. Fittingly, Super Bowl LIII is being played on the 17th anniversary of that Super Bowl. It would also be fun to see the NFL's newest offensive genius (Sean McVay) match wits with the NFL's best coach (Bill Belichick). 

6. Chiefs vs. Eagles 
Odds of happening: 16-to-1

If you like poetic justice, then this is the Super Bowl you should be rooting for to happen. Six years ago, the Eagles decided they didn't want Andy Reid anymore, so they kicked him to the curb even though he led them to five conference championship games and a Super Bowl. The ugly part for Reid is that not only did the Eagles end up winning a Super Bowl before he did, but they won the game with one of his former assistants (Doug Pederson) who they hired off of his Kansas City coaching staff. Oh, and did I mention that Pederson and the Eagles won that Super Bowl with a quarterback (Nick Foles) that REID drafted during his final year in Philly. Reid doesn't strike me as a bitter guy, but it has to eat at him every day that Pederson, Foles and the Eagles all won a Lombardi Trophy without him. If this game happens, I'd pick the Chiefs by 80. 

5. Patriots vs. Eagles 
Odds of happening: 20-to-1

If Nick Foles somehow beats the Patriots two years in a row, that might be enough to crumble the Patriots dynasty, because I'm not sure Belichick would be able to handle two straight Super Bowl losses to a journeyman quarterback. On the other hand, if I know Belchick like I know Belichick, he'll end up trading for the quarterback that the Eagles don't want (Foles or Carson Wentz) and then he'll build a new dynasty with that guy. Classic Belichick. He's played us all for fools and probably has been planning that move this whole time. If this game happened, it would mark just the second time in NFL history that the same two teams have played in consecutive Super Bowls (Bills and Cowboys played in Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII). 

4. Patriots vs. Saints
Odds of happening: 5-to-1 

Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees. This game needs no other selling points. 

By the time the Super Bowl rolls around Brees will be 40 years old (he turns 40 on Jan. 15), which means we would have two over the hill quarterbacks duking it out on the NFL's biggest stage. Of all the possibilities on this list, this game would probably be the biggest nightmare scenario for the city of Atlanta, where everyone hates the Saints. The only thing worse than blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl is having your biggest rival waltz into your stadium and beat the team that turned you into a national punch line. Of course, the dream scenario for Falcons fans would be the Saints blowing a 29-3 lead, but we all know that's not going to happen. 

3. Chiefs vs. Saints
Odds of happening: 4-to-1

If this Super Bowl happens, the NFL needs to cancel the MVP vote and just give the award to the quarterback who wins the game. Of course, by the time the Super Bowl takes place on Feb. 3, we'll already know who will have won the MVP and that's because the award is being handed out the night before the game (Feb. 2) with Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees expected to finish as the top-two vote-getters. If you're going to bet on an exact Super Bowl match-up, this is probably the one you want to bet on. These are the top seeds in each conference, which is notable, because over the past five years, every top-seeded team has gone on to play in the Super Bowl except for the 2016 Dallas Cowboys (That means nine out of 10 No. 1 seeds have gone to the Super Bowl since 2013). 

2. Patriots vs. Cowboys
Odds of happening: 20-to-1 

The Super Bowl is on CBS this year, which means I'm morally obligated to put this game in the top-two. If the Patriots and Cowboys end up playing each other in the Super Bowl, there's a good chance that it will break every television ratings record known to man. Not only will you have Patriots fans and Cowboys fans across the country watching, but plenty of people -- who dislike both of these teams -- will be hate-watching this game and you can never underestimate the coveted hate-watch bump when it comes to the ratings. 

Tom Brady has a three-game losing streak against the NFC East in the Super Bowl and the Cowboys haven't been to the NFL's biggest game in 23 years, which means hate-watchers will have plenty to cheer for: They can either cheer for Brady's NFC East struggles to continue or they can cheer for the Cowboys drought without a Super Bowl win to reach its 24th year. Of course, the biggest loser if the game happens might be the people of Atlanta, who will have to deal with Patriots fans and Cowboys fans taking over their city for an entire week. 

1. Chiefs vs. Rams
Odds of happening: 6-to-1

This list started with a regular season rematch that no one wants to see in the Super Bowl (Colts-Cowboys) and is ending with a rematch that I'm pretty sure 99 percent of America wants to see. As a matter of fact, if the NFL just wants to make this a continuation of the insane Monday Night Football game that these two teams played back in November that would be even better. The Super Bowl record for most points in a game by both teams is 75, and I have to think that record would get shattered. In the Monday night game, which the Rams won 54-51, these two teams had 77 combined points with 12 minutes still left to play. 

Let's take a quick poll, who wants to see a Chiefs-Rams rematch?

I could keep going, but I think you get the point. 

Actually, let's throw in one more. 

I don't want anyone lying to themselves. Chiefs-Rams is definitely what America wants, which is why it's at the top of our list.