There isn't a lot of turnover in this week's Bottom 25. Only four new teams enter the rankings, which is the fewest number of new teams we've seen this season. That, combined with temperatures dropping across the country and skies turning grayer are the surest signs of fall.

We've reached the midway point of the 2019 regular season, and the rankings have more data to work with. This means far fewer swings based on one result. That's not to say things aren't going to change -- there's plenty of movement within The Bottom 25 -- it just means we won't be seeing teams go from The Bottom 10 to out of The Bottom 25 altogether anymore.

If you want out now, there are no quick fixes. You're going to have to work to do it.

No Longer Ranked: Tennessee (17), Purdue (22), ULM (24), Kent State (25)

Week 7 Superlatives

As many of you know, I rank all 130 teams using a mathematical formula I created. That system is how I compile the Bottom 25, but for those of you interested in how the rest of the rankings look, you can see them all right here (it's updated weekly after The Bottom 25 is published). I will also be sharing some weekly superlatives from the rankings here in The Bottom 25.

Highest Climber: If you didn't watch Miami's win over Virginia, I can't blame you. The game was terrible, but it did help the Canes climb 24 spots in my rankings. They're up to No. 62 from No. 86.

Biggest Faller: Then there's Colorado, which fell 25 spots from No. 45 to No. 70 after getting trounced by Oregon on Friday night.

Most Fraudulent Team With a Winning Record: Nevada may be 4-2 on the season, but my rankings suggest it won't be for long. The Wolf Pack, at No. 82, are ranked behind a whole bunch of teams with worse records.

Best Team With a Losing Record: That would be 3-4 Ole Miss, which is one spot behind Nevada at No. 83. Why do I include these two categories each week? My rankings aren't predictive, but over time, there has been a correlation between being the lowest-ranked team with a particular record, or the highest-ranked team with a losing record, and that team changing course in the near future. For example, do you know who the best team with a losing record was in my rankings last week? South Carolina. The Gamecocks upset Georgia on Saturday.

Most Average Team: At No. 61, Western Michigan is the most average team in the country this week. It's score is 1.15 percent better than the average score of all 130 teams.