PHOTOS: Happy 15th anniversary, 'Turn Ahead the Clock' uniforms

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It began in Seattle in 1998, this fashion-forward baseball experiment called "Turn Ahead the Clock." But it took full hold in 1999, when, at various points during the season, 22 MLB teams trotted out their renderings of what baseball uniforms would look like at some point in the indeterminate and space-age future. We are here on this day, some 15 years hence, to celebrate their efforts. 

The key thing to bear in mind as you wander through the Internet Louvre to follow is that major-league players actually wore these uniforms in games that kept score and counted in the standings and everything. That is, this happened, and what happened was real and verifiable. 

To help you compartmentalize the sampling of uniforms to come, we'll assign each ensemble to one of five objectively correct categories: 1) From the Bell Biv DeVoe Menswear Collection; 2) Jeff King, Mighty-Hearted Paladin, Stands Athwart Y2K; 3) Child's Pajamas; 4) Child's Footed Pajamas; or 5) Can-Opener.

Think of what follows as baseball's virgin sacrifice to an uncertain future ... 

The Brewers


Classification(s): Child's Pajamas, Can-Opener

The Cardinals

(Image: Uni Watch)

Classification(s): Can-Opener

The Diamondbacks

(Image: The Score)

Classification(s): From the Bell Biv DeVoe Menswear Collection

The Giants

(Image: The Score)

Classification(s): From the Bell Biv DeVoe Menswear Collection

The Indians

(Image: Uni Watch)

Classification(s): From the Bell Biv DeVoe Menswear Collection

Also pictured: The defiant buffalo stance of Jim Thome

The Mariners


Classification(s): Child's Pajamas

The (Mercury) Mets

(Image: Postcards of the Hanging)

Classification(s): Can-Opener

The Pirates


Classification(s): Child's Footed Pajamas 

The Rockies

Classification(s): Child's Pajamas 

(Image: Sporting News)

The Royals


Classification(s): Jeff King, Mighty-Hearted Paladin, Stands Athwart Y2K

The Twins

(Image: The Score)

Classification(s): Child's Footed Pajamas

In echoing conclusion, let us see these uniforms participating in baseball events ... 

Alex Rodriguez, baseball hero ... OF THE FUTURE!

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