INDIANAPOLIS -- Saquon Barkley, Derrius Guice, and other members of oustanding running back class weighed-in at the 2018 NFL combine at Wednesday. Offensive linemen were also measured too. 

These figures matter, people. Stocks don't plummet or skyrocket based on these measurements, but they're a piece of the predraft puzzle. 

Let's examine the winners and losers from the running back and offensive linemen measurements. 

Notable running back measurements

PlayerHeightWeight (lbs)
Kalen Ballage6'1-4/8"228
Saquon Barkley6'0"233
Nick Chubb5'10-7/8"227
Derrius Guice5'10-4/8"224
Nyheim Hines5'8-3/4"198
Kerryon Johnson5'11-4/8"213
Ronald Jones5'11" 205
John Kelly5'9-7/8"216
Sony Michel 5'10-5/8"214
Rashaad Penny5'11"220
Roc Thomas5'10-1/8"198
Akrum Wadley5'9-7/8"194
Mark Walton5'9-5/8" 202

RB winners

Derrius Guice, LSU. The LSU star was dinged during the 2017 season. He's healthy now. In fact, he was healthy when he erupted for 276 yards in mid-October against Ole Miss and 127 yards against Texas A&M in November. At 224 pounds, the violent, power back weighed in nearly 10 pounds lighter than Saquon Barkley, which should help him in the 40-yard dash. 

Sony Michel, Georgia. Despite his reputation as a change-of-pace speed back, Michel is impressive at 214 pounds. As he showed often at Georgia, he's more than capable of carrying the load between the tackles, and teams will like that weight for him. 

Nyheim Hines, NC State. I'm very interested in Hines's 40-yard dash time. Billed as a burner with track speed, nearing 200 pounds at slightly under 5-foot-9 will be a challenge for him to reach his max potential in that drill. If he does, say hello to Day 2. 

Ronald Jones II, USC. Headed into the combine, some were concerned about Jones's size. He hit home runs for USC but also banged well between the tackles. Teams want to see feature backs hit that 200-pound threshold. If Jones runs sub 4.50 at 205 pounds, he could sneak into the first round. 

John Kelly, Tennessee. He's not the next Alvin Kamara, but Kelly is a similar runner to his former Tennessee teammate. On film, his slighter frame stood out. There's nothing "slight" about his frame now at 5-foot-10 and 216 pounds. 

Mark Walton, Miami. The Miami standout is a jump-cut air back, and to reach 200 pounds is good for him on paper. He does need to time well in the 40 at the agility drill at that size though. If he doesn't, teams probably would've liked him to test closer to 190 pounds.

RB losers

Saquon Barkley, Penn State. Hear me out on this. Being 6-foot and 233 pounds presents a boom-or-bust proposition for the special Penn State prospect. If he runs below 4.50, tremendous. If he doesn't, it won't ruin his draft stock by any stretch, but in that case, he would've been better off shedding some weight to run faster. Yes, many believe Barkley will run in the 4.30-4.40 range. If he does that, the roof will be blown off Lucas Oil Stadium. Remember, Leonard Fournette ran an official 4.51 at 240 pounds last year. 

Roc Thomas, Jacksonville State. The former elite high school recruit failed to hit the 200-pound plateau. While he's not advertising himself as a power back by any means, it doesn't do him any good that he's close in size to Akrum Wadley, a talented but small runner by NFL standards.

Notable offensive line measurements

PlayerHeightWeight (lbs)Arm LengthWingspan
Orlando Brown6'7-7/8"34535"85 1/8"
Austin Corbett6'4-3/8"30633 1/8"78 7/8"
Tyrell Crosby6'4-5/8"30935 2/8" 83 2/8"
James Daniels6'3-3/8"30633-6/8"80 2/8"
Will Hernandez6'2"-3/8"32732"77 6/8"
Jamarco Jones6'4"29935 1/8"85 1/8"
Jaryd Jones-Smith6'6-4/8"31736 2/8"88 4/8"
Mike McGlinchy6'7-7/8"30934"81"
Kolton Miller6'8-5/8"30934"82 4/8"
Quenton Nelson6'5" 32533 6/8"82 5/8"
Chukwuma Okorafor6'6"32034 4/8"83 3/8"
Billy Price 6' 3-6/8"30532"75 2/8"
Frank Ragnow6' 5-1/8"31233 1/8"78 1/8"
Will Richardson6' 5-5/8"30635 2/8"83 2/8"
Connor Williams6' 5-1/8"296 33"77 7/8"
Isaiah Wynn6' 2-6/8"31333 3/8"78 7/8"

OL winners

Orlando Brown, OT, OklahomaOK, so we expected Brown to be a mountain of a man at the combine, but just to see those figures ... wow. No, his arms aren't exceptionally long, but being nearly 6-foot-8 and 345 pounds with that wingspan is gargantuan. 

Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio StateThe underrated Ohio State prospect is a little on the light side at 6-foot-4 and 299 pounds. In terms of length, which might be a more important element for offensive linemen, Jones undoubtedly checked boxes today. 

Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon. Crosby is a fluid mover with a nasty side on the field. Hitting the 35-inch mark for arm length is huge. 

Quenton Nelson, G, Notre DameSooooo ... is Nelson a guard or tackle? Because 6-foot-5, 325 pounds and 33 6/8-inch arms is tackle size. Those numbers certainly lend credence to Nelson's mauler reputation.  

Jaryd Jones-Smith, OT, Pittsburgh. Jones-Smith's film leaves a lot to be desired from the technical standpoint, but man he's one impressive specimen. A wingspan of 88 4/8 inches is unheard of. 

Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan. Okorafor looked like an NFL tackle on film this past season at Western Michigan, and he measured in like one today in Indy. 6-foot-6, 320 pounds and 34 4/8-inch arms are figures of many quality starting left tackles at the pro level. 

Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas. My No. 1 center, Ragnow's measurements demonstrate how long he is at the pivot position. 

Isaiah Wynn, OT/G, Georgia. Wynn is probably a guard at the NFL level. He does have smaller-end tackle size though. Nearly 6-foot-3 and 313 pounds, and he's above the 33-inch arm threshold many teams have for their outside blockers. 

Will Richardson, OT, NC State. A true sleeper at the tackle position, Richardson was a brick wall at right tackle for NC State this season. With arms over 35 inches and a 83-inch plus wingspan, he undoubtedly has ideal NFL tackle length. 

OL losers

Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State. Some teams will value Price at guard, others at center. With 32-inch arms, he's a little on the short side in that regard.

Connor Williams, OT, Texas. Williams's 2016 film is textbook pass-blocking mastery. Some questions will arise over his lack of size now. Not hitting the 300-pound mark and just 33-inch arms is a bit concerning. For perspective, he's the same height as center Frank Ragnow but weighs less and has shorter arms.