Antonio Brown might be headlining the 2019 wide receiver market, which otherwise hasn't garnered much praise ahead of the NFL offseason in comparison to, say, the potential crop of unsigned pass rushers.

But that doesn't mean there aren't quality players to be had.

Golden Tate is one of them.

While he all but fell off the map in 2018 following his in-season trade from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles, who were slow to incorporate him into their offense, the former Notre Dame standout, Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champion and Matthew Stafford target is arguably the most complete wideout set to hit free agency come March 13. Brown might be the biggest name thanks to trade talks, and Tyrell Williams might command a lot of money for his upside, but few WRs tout as much career production as Tate.

Originally a second-round pick by Seattle in 2010, the 30-year-old has three 1,000-yard seasons to his name, with 74 catches and 795 yards between the Lions and Eagles in 2018. A big-play threat for much of his career despite smaller size (5-10, 197) and heavy usage out of the slot, Tate had a career-best 1,331 yards in 2014, his first year in Detroit, and has posted at least 90 catches in four of his last five seasons.

Here, we explore six of the most likely landing spots for the veteran pass catcher entering 2019:

Baltimore Ravens

With the Ravens building around quarterback Lamar Jackson and a run-centric offense, Baltimore doesn't exactly jump off the page as an ideal destination for free agent receivers. But the team isn't starving for cap space, it fits Tate's desire to play for a contender and, most of all, it needs a WR. John Brown, whose deep-ball speed wasn't utilized as much post-Joe Flacco, is bound to get paid in free agency, while the team has already parted ways with Michael Crabtree. Tate, meanwhile, represents a more well-rounded option than both of those guys, with his short to intermediate prowess making him a perfect target in a Jackson-tailored system.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have seemingly been in pursuit of weapons for Cam Newton since the QB came into the league. And they could still use one at WR. D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel are in the house now, but Devin Funchess is talking like he's gone, and Torrey Smith is good for a rotational role, at best, nowadays. Put Tate with Moore and Christian McCaffrey, and all of a sudden maybe Newton has a reliable trio of outlets. The Panthers might want more of a field-stretcher, but Tate is one of the best playmakers available.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts could easily be considered suitors for every major free agent because of their abundant cap space, but they also happen to have quite a hole at the WR spot. T.Y. Hilton is a stud, and a handful of no-names had their moments in 2018, but Indy needs a solid No. 2, and the team has more than enough money to get one. Couple that with the fact that coach Frank Reich could get the scoop on Tate from his old Eagles buddies, that a healthy Andrew Luck satisfies Tate's eye for a top QB and that Tate himself played college ball in Indiana (Notre Dame), and this match makes sense.

New England Patriots

This is the one that seems too good to be true. Tate has already gone on record saying he'd like to catch passes from "old Tommy Boy" in New England, and everything about the Patriots meshes. Bill Belichick is notorious for swiping veteran slot receivers and plugging them in with Tom Brady, and the team could lose three of its top four WRs, including current slot man Chris Hogan, to free agency. From Tate's perspective, he'd be joining another defending Super Bowl champion and perhaps willing to compromise on the dollar amount for a multi-year deal.

Oakland Raiders

Oakland is the only destination of these six that doesn't check Tate's box for a contender, but there are a few reasons why the Raiders -- and not, say, Washington -- might convince him to reconsider. While they could stand to get younger at the position, they could probably offer a higher-paying starting job than all but Indy and maybe one other team. He'd likely return to being a high-volume target in their offense. And he'd get to work with Derek Carr, a QB who's flashed top stuff before but, perhaps more intriguingly, fits the character mold of Carson Wentz -- one that had Tate in love with his trade to Philly.

Philadelphia Eagles

This is almost entirely dependent on a couple things: Either a trade or restructured contract of Nelson Agholor, or an unexpectedly poor market for Tate. The Eagles talked up Agholor at the combine, and their former first-rounder has had his moments. But the team might prefer retaining Tate -- who quickly formed a bond with Wentz and cost the Eagles a third-round pick -- if Agholor doesn't agree to a lower salary. Tate has been public about his desire to stay in Philly. The holdup is whether Philly wants or needs him back. For now, it's a long shot, but if circumstances align, the Eagles remain a top landing spot for 2019.