The opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament produced quite a few shocking upsets, to say the least. Somehow, with an enormous amount of luck on his side, one bettor ended up taking full advantage of college basketball's underdogs shocking the world.

The gambler won a whopping $33,201.09 on a 10-leg, $10 parlay through DraftKings. He correctly picked several upsets from the first weekend of the tournament.

The bettor's parlay featured moneylines from NCAA Tournament games from Saturday and Sunday. The bettor, who as you can see in the tweet above was a tad bit excited over his insane feat, took the following teams:

Yes, teams like Baylor, Villanova and Houston were expected to come away with wins. However, the majority of the others were a lot less likely. For example, No. 15 seed Oral Roberts defeated No. 2 seed on Ohio State on Friday and kept their momentum going with a win over No. 7 seed Florida. In addition, No. 9 seed Loyola Chicago knocked off No. 1 seed in Illinois in an upset that busted a large majority of brackets.

Considering that the bettor could've cashed out on Sunday night for a significant profit on the $10 bet, it's wild that he chose to ride out his play with Oregon State. In the end, the Beavers got it done and this guy goes down as a legend.