Fantasy owners know Jarvis Landry as a high-catch, solid stat-producing receiver. No one else in NFL history has as many regular-season receptions in their first four years as Landry (400), but his relative lack of touchdowns (22) and 100-yard games (seven in the regular season) make people shy away from mentioning him as an elite Fantasy receiver.

That doesn't mean he won't get paid like an elite NFL receiver.

The Dolphins used their franchise tag on Landry, promising him a one-year, $16.2 million salary for 2018. The only way that changes is if the Dolphins rescind the offer, making him a free agent, or if Landry lands a long-term extension, be it by the Dolphins or another team that would trade Miami something for the wideout.

So that got me thinking about where Landry would fit in best for Fantasy among the teams that could legitimately use him. These are teams that ...

  1. Have a strong need for a sure-handed receiver with some decent versatility. He lined up in the slot 60.6 percent of the time in 2017, the lowest amount of his career, and he set career-highs in receptions and touchdowns.
  2. Have a strong need for a potential red-zone threat. Of Landry's 22 touchdowns, 19 have come in the red zone. Comparatively, only 62 of his 520 targets and 25 of his 400 receptions were on deep balls 15-plus yards downfield.
  3. Have or could create salary cap space to handle the kind of long-term contract Landry will command.

Bonus perks: Have a need at punt returner and have a desire for good run-blocking receivers.

Here are the squads that are good fits for Landry:

Baltimore Ravens

Landry would become the no-brainer replacement for Jeremy Maclin (the Ravens can save $5 million in cap space if they let him go) and theoretically reunite him with Mike Wallace in the Baltimore passing corps. More importantly, Landry would be the BFF of Joe Flacco, who has made a mint leaning on his short-area targets, which have pretty much been tight ends. The Ravens desperately need red-zone threats as well, something Landry hasn't quite been in Miami but could easily become.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 20 WR in non-PPR, Top 12 in PPR.

Carolina Panthers

I love the idea of Landry becoming a reliable short- and mid-range target for Cam Newton. He already has Christian McCaffrey (70.8 percent catch rate) and Greg Olsen (62 percent catch rate) to throw to, but Landry would allow for some creative route concepts for Norv Turner to build and let Newton (58.5 career completion percentage) succeed in. Plus we saw Landry begin to blossom outside of the slot in 2017 — he could easily transition to the outside here and be the Panthers most reliable receiver there.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 24 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.

Chicago Bears

If you can catch a football, the Bears would like to speak with you. Kendall Wright was the Bears' leading receiver in 2017 with 614 yards on 59 catches. And forget about 1,000 yards; Chicago hasn't had a wideout with even 900 yards since 2014. Landry would be a movable chess piece in the Bears' West Coast offense, and a sure-fire security blanket for quarterback Mitch Trubisky in his second season. Plus an offense with him, Cameron Meredith and a rookie speedster would be ... well, okay, fine, it wouldn't be dangerous but it sure as heck would be better than what they rolled with in 2017.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 15-20 WR in non-PPR, Top 12 in PPR.

Cincinnati Bengals

Is there anyone NOT clamoring for a Jarvis Landry-Bill Lazor reunion? Lazor coached up Landry for a year and change with the Dolphins not too long ago. He, and Andy Dalton, could definitely use a short-area receiver to help keep defenses from honing in on A.J. Green. Already $35 million under the cap, the Bengals could cut Brandon LaFell ($4 million saved) and push John Ross into a deep-threat role for those few games he's actually healthy for. Best of all, he'd help Andy Dalton's completion percentage and touchdown numbers, both of which were way, way down in 2017.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 24 WR in non-PPR, Top 20 in PPR.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have the cash to burn and the draft picks to spend to land Landry. Their quarterback situation will likely resolve itself on Draft Day, hinting at a rookie quarterback (and/or A.J. McCarron) piloting the offense. Those young quarterbacks tend to rely on good short-area targets. Regardless, Landry would be the perfect type of wideout to keep defenses honest within a 15-yard range while guys like Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman work farther downfield.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 20 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have cash, a stud quarterback (apparently) on the comeback trail and only one truly good receiver. Landry would be such a stud here, creating mismatches in single coverage in the red zone and delivering an easy second option for Andrew Luck. Tack on Frank Reich coming up with creative plays and ways to use him and Landry could easily get some big numbers.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 15-20 WR in non-PPR, Top 12 in PPR.

Miami Dolphins

Who says you can't go home? Once the Dolphins cut some bloated contracts they'll be able to carry Landry's salary, even if it's just for this year. He's clearly got chemistry with Ryan Tannehill (if he's still their starter) and has done just fine in Adam Gase's offense.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 20 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.

New Orleans Saints

It would be fun to bring Landry back to Louisiana, but it would be more successful for the Saints to give Drew Brees another sure-fire short-range performer. Let's be honest, Brees wasn't his normal self last season, so shortening some of his throws could help the offense out. Landry is among the best inside of 15 yards and would keep things dangerous for big-play No. 1 receiver Michael Thomas and deep threat Ted Ginn. Plus there would be major touchdown potential.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 20 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.

San Francisco 49ers

Tom Brady had Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo could have Landry. And with all apologies to second-year receiver Trent Taylor, Landry would have a massive chance to load up on catches out of the slot with the 49ers just like Edelman, and Wes Welker before him (and Danny Amendola this past season), did. The 49ers already have great deep speed in Marquise Goodwin and a very good outside receiver in Pierre Garcon. Landry could push the offense into dangerous territory, and Garoppolo would be considered an upgrade for Landry.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 24 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.

Tennessee Titans

Expect the Titans to upgrade at receiver this spring in an effort to give Marcus Mariota some trust-worthy options. One such improvement: give Eric Decker a pink slip and drop a bucket of bills on Landry. I expect the Titans to have the feel of a West Coast offense with Mariota moving all over the place. Landry is a home-run pick to have as Mariota's dear, close, personal friend. Also, the Titans probably won't be quite as run-heavy as they were the past few seasons, opening the door for targets aplenty for Landry.
Fantasy value if he lands here: Top 20 WR in non-PPR, Top 15 in PPR.