The NFL's new league year began on March 18, and many in our Top 100 have agreed to sign with clubs. 

The NFL offseason has been one of uncertainty, first because of CBA negotiations, with the NFLPA voting to ratify the new CBA and then as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (get the latest at CBS News). It also features a lot of moving parts at the all-important quarterback position, with players such as Tom Brady, Philip Rivers and several other starting-caliber players switching teams. It's a lot to keep track of, but keep track of it is exactly what we do. And now Cam Newton is available via trade. 

Here are your top 100 NFL free agents for 2020, and details on where they've been ... and where they're headed. Check this page regularly for the latest updates. 

The 2020 NFL free agent rankings are determined by Senior NFL Writer Pete Prisco. Not all free agents will be listed.

Note: This list is based on players available as of March 12.

2020 NFL Free Agent Tracker
RankPlayerPOSLast TeamNew TeamStatus
1QBFranchise tag
2DLFranchise tag
3QBRe-signed ($50M for 2 years)
4QBWill sign ($50M for 2 years)
5WRFranchise tag
6QBWill sign ($25M for 1 year)
7WRRe-signed ($100M for 5 years)
8CBWill sign ($20.25M for 2 years)
9EDGEFranchise tag
11QBWill sign ($1.1M for 1 year)
12CBWill sign ($82.5M for 5 years)
13SFranchise tag
14LBWill sign ($36M for 3 years)
15SFranchise tag
16GFranchise tag
17EDGEFranchise tag
18EDGERe-signed ($85M for 5 years)
19QBWill sign ($63M for 3 years)
20EDGEFranchise tag
21QBRe-signed ($118M for 4 years)
22GFranchise tag
23OTWill sign ($42M for 3 years)
24EDGEWill sign ($48M for 3 years)
25RBFranchise tag
26DLWill sign ($39M for 3 years)
27CBWill sign ($45M for 3 years)
28OTWill sign ($30M for 3 years)
29TEFranchise tag
30OTRe-signed ($33M for 2 years)
31WRWill sign ($20M for 2 years)
32TEWill sign ($42M for 4 years)
33DLWill sign ($53M for 4 years)
34DLFranchise tag
35EDGEFranchise tag
36LBWill sign ($53.75M for 5 years)
37CBWill sign ($42M for 3 years)
38SRe-signed ($28.5M for 3 years)
39LBWill sign ($51M for 4 years)
40RBWill sign ($16M for 2 years)
41CBWill sign ($5M for 1 year)
42OTRe-signed ($43.75M for 3 years)
43WRWill sign ($8M for 1 year)
45OTRe-signed ($30M for 3 years)
46SRe-signed ($23M for 2 years)
48DLRe-signed ($2.5M for 1 year)
49CBRe-signed ($5M for 1 year)
50LBWill sign ($30M for 3 years)
51EDGEWill sign ($70M for 5 years)
52SWill sign ($4M for 1 year)
53DLRe-signed ($23M for 2 years)
54DLWill sign ($6M for 1 year)
55EDGEWill sign ($30M for 3 years)
Eli Apple (25)
CBOne-year deal
57LBWill sign ($30M for 3 years)
58SWill sign ($3.25M for 1 year)
59CBRe-signed ($36M for 3 years)
60DLRe-signed ($8M for 1 year)
61CBWill sign ($40M for 4 years)
62EDGERe-signed ($27M for 2 years)
63DLWill sign ($17M for 2 years)
64CBRe-signed ($6M for 1 year)
65DLWill sign ($27M for 3 years)
66WRWill sign ($16M for 2 years)
67QBWill sign ($17.6M for 2 years)
68LBSigned ($16M for 2 years)
69TEWill sign ($12M for 2 years)
70RBSigned transition tag
71GWill sign ($27M for 3 years)
72CBWill sign ($4M for 1 year)
73SRe-signed ($12M for 2 years)
74DLWill sign ($30M for 3 years)
75SWill sign ($18M for 3 years)
76G/CWill sign ($44M for 4 years)
77LBWill sign ($24M for 3 years)
78OTWill sign (1 year)
79DLRe-signed ($27M for 3 years)
80CBRe-signed ($4.5M for 1 year)
81OTWill sign ($50M for 5 years)
Vic Beasley (28)
EDGEWill sign ($9.5M for 1 year)
83SWill sign ($7.5M for 2 years)
84GRe-signed ($57.5M for 5 years)
85DLWill sign ($31.5M for 3 years)
86LBWill sign ($8.5M for 1 year)
88OT/GWill sign (for 1 year)
89WRWill sign ($1.05M for 1 year)
90EDGEWill sign ($30.45M for 3 years)
91EDGERe-signed ($3.5M for 1 year)
92DLWill sign ($17M for 2 years)
93DLWill sign ($3.5M for 1 year)
94DLWill sign ($8M for 2 years)
95DLWill sign ($6M for 1 year)
96SWill sign ($2.28M for 1 year)
98FSRe-signed ($5M for 1 year)
99DLWill sign ($20.25M for 3 years)
100SWill sign ($5M for 1 year)