If you're wondering how low the bar has been set in Cleveland, all you need to do is consider this fact: Even though the Browns didn't win on Sunday, they're still off to their best start in 14 years. 

A tie might not be a win, but it's definitely not a loss, which is why the Browns' 0-0-1 record looks so impressive in Cleveland. Going into Sunday's Week 1 game against the Steelers, the Browns had lost 13 openers in a row, meaning that before this year, the team had started 0-1 in every season since 2005. 

By tying the Steelers 21-21, the Browns finally snapped their losing streak. Although no one got any free Bud Light beer out of this, there was definitely reason to celebrate in the streets of Cleveland. 

Before Sunday, the last time the Browns didn't lose on Week 1 came in 2004, when Jeff Garcia led them to a 20-3 opening week win over the Ravens. Here's a brief look at the Browns' losing streak that they finally (kind of) conquered. 

2005: Lost to Bengals 27-13
2006: Lost to Saints 19-14
2007: Lost to Steelers 34-7
2008: Lost to Cowboys 28-10
2009: Lost to Vikings 34-20
2010: Lost to Buccaneers 17-14
2011: Lost to Bengals 27-17
2012: Lost to Eagles 17-16
2013: Lost to Dolphins 23-10
2014: Lost to Steelers 30-27
2015: Lost to Jets 31-10
2016: Lost to Eagles 29-10
2017: Lost to Steelers 21-18 

If you're scoring at home, that's 13 losses to nine different teams. If Hue Jackson never wins another game in Cleveland, which seems completely plausible at this point, at least he'll always be able to say that he broke the team's 13-game Week 1 losing streak. 

The Browns will also be able brag this week about the fact that they don't have the worst record in the NFL, which is the first time that's happened in nearly three years.