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If there is optimism for the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles season, look no further than the last few times the team finished last in the NFC East. Philadelphia has gone from worst to first in the division the last two times it finished fourth and went to the playoffs in each of the last five occurrences the franchise finished last in the NFC East. 

The Eagles are in a rebuilding year, but the organization believes history can repeat itself and the team can compete for the division title. Doesn't hurt the NFC East champion finished 7-9 last season and none of Philadelphia's division rivals have significantly improved -- and no team has repeated as NFC East champions since the Eagles in 2004. 

Philadelphia will go as far as Jalen Hurts will take the organization. Hurts hasn't technically been named the team's starting quarterback yet -- and that's OK with him -- as he's seeking to prove himself in his first year as QB1. The Eagles have a new head coach in Nick Sirianni with a new coaching staff that seeks to rejuvenate a franchise that has gone stale over the past few years. 

This is a franchise that won the Super Bowl and made the postseason three consecutive years before last season's disaster that resulted in Carson Wentz getting traded and Doug Pederson getting fired. The core of this roster still has talented veterans and an offensive line that is healthy heading into 2021, along with much-needed depth at plenty of key positions. 

Will history repeat itself for the Eagles in 2021? We'll do a game-by-game prediction of the 2021 schedule and if the final record is enough for Hurts to keep his job past this season. The over/under for Philadelphia is 6.5. 

(Over/Under win totals for every opponent courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook) 

Week 1 at Falcons 

Opponent win total: O/U 7.5

The Eagles are going to have trouble stopping Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts, even if the secondary is significantly better with the addition of Steven Nelson. This game will be an excellent test for Jonathan Gannon as a defensive coordinator. We'll see if he lives up to the task. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 0-1

Week 2 vs. 49ers

Opponent win total: O/U 10.5

The 49ers are making the cross-country trip to Philadelphia, a tough task for them in what is the Eagles' home opener. The Eagles will be fired up for this one in Sirianni's debut in front of the home fans. Philadelphia's offensive line puts on a strong performance against San Francisco's defensive line and the Eagles pull off the upset.

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 1-1

Week 3 at Cowboys

Opponent win total: O/U 9.5

This is going to be a tough task for the Eagles secondary (again), but they'll put on a better performance against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys' talented passing game. Ezekiel Elliott will be tough to stop, too, and could make the difference in this one. It's just tough to win in Dallas -- which the Eagles haven't done since 2017. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 1-2

Week 4 vs. Chiefs

Opponent win total: O/U 12.5

The Eagles are facing Patrick Mahomes and the best team in the AFC. This is a team most teams lose to, especially going against a high-powered offense like Kansas City. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 1-3

Week 5 at Panthers

Opponent win total: O/U 7.5

Now that a gauntlet of the first quarter of the schedule is completed, the Eagles can start making a run at the division title. Carolina has playmakers, but this is a game Hurts and the offense break out and put up a lot of yards. Hurts has a big day against Carolina's secondary and Miles Sanders has a big game on the ground.

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 2-3 

Week 6 vs. Buccaneers

Opponent win total: O/U 12

The Eagles have a chance against the Buccaneers on a short week, but Tom Brady-quarterbacked teams are 12-3 on a Thursday and Tampa Bay is another high-powered offense Philadelphia will face in the first six weeks. This game will be entertaining as the Eagles offense performs well against the Buccaneers aggressive defense, but winning a shootout will be difficult. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 2-4 

Week 7 at Raiders

Opponent win total: O/U 7

This is a trap game with Philadelphia's first trip to Vegas. Sirianni and the coaching staff will have this team prepared as the Eagles will only be in Vegas for a day -- and they have 10 days' rest for this one. The Eagles will score on the Raiders -- a shootout they will win. 

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 3-4 

Week 8 at Lions

Opponent win total: O/U 5

Back-to-back road games shouldn't phase the Eagles here. The Lions are going to be a tough out under Dan Campbell, but the Eagles have to stop the running back tandem of Jamaal Williams and D'Andre Swift in order to come out of the Motor City with a win. This will be the defense's best game of the year to date. 

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 4-4 

Week 9 vs. Chargers

Opponent win total: O/U 9 

Justin Herbert and this Chargers offense are already a nightmare for Philadelphia. Add in an improved defense under Brandon Staley and this could be a tough game for the Eagles -- even at home. Herbert is expected to have a big day if the Eagles' pass rush can't get to him.

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 4-5  

Week 10 at Broncos

Opponent win total: O/U 8.5

The Broncos will be a tough test for the Eagles thanks to all the talent they have at the skill positions and a secondary that is severely underrated. Philadelphia hasn't won at Denver since 1989. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 4-6 

Week 11 vs. Saints 

Opponent win total: O/U 9

The Eagles had one of the upsets of the season last year when Hurts stunned New Orleans in what was his first career start. New Orleans will be looking for vengeance in another competitive affair. This game will be fun to see what Hurts can do for an encore. Don't sleep on this Saints defense. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 4-7 

Week 12 at Giants

Opponent win total: O/U 7

The Eagles-Giants rivalry is renewed as New York beat Philadelphia last November, the franchise's first win over the Eagles since 2016. This matchup will be circled on the Eagles' calendar (and it already is on the Giants). If New York's offensive line doesn't improve, the Eagles defense will get to Daniel Jones -- which will be the difference in this one. 

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 5-7  

Week 13 at Jets

Opponent win total: O/U 6

The Eagles have never lost to the Jets. History always seems to find a weird way of repeating itself. Philadelphia can't afford a bad loss with its NFC East hopes still alive. Philadelphia goes into the bye week taking care of a young Jets team. 

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 6-7 

Week 15 vs. Washington

Opponent win total: O/U 8.5

This game will determine the Eagles' NFC East chances against one of the NFC East favorites -- and reveal whether Philadelphia is a threat to win the division title. Washington is going to make life miserable for Hurts, but the Eagles have a better offensive line that can counter Washington's tremendous defensive front. Philadelphia will be fired up for this one. 

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 7-7  

Week 16 vs. Giants

Opponent win total: O/U 7

A rematch against New York in December will be even bigger than the first meeting. Both these teams appear to be evenly matched, making it harder for Philadelphia to pull off the sweep. The Giants need this one and want to give Philadelphia a late Christmas present. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 7-8  

Week 17 at Washington

Opponent win total: O/U 8.5

Washington may have dropped the first game to Philadelphia, and the Football Team will have an opportunity to win the NFC East this week. At FedEx Field with that defensive front, Washington knocks Philadelphia out of the division race. 

Prediction: Eagles lose
Projected record: 7-9 

Week 18 vs. Cowboys 

Opponent win total: O/U 9.5

The Cowboys have to come to Philadelphia for a chance at a playoff berth and the Eagles can play spoiler -- with their NFC East hopes out the door. This game will go a long way toward Hurts' future and the direction this team will take come 2022.

Prediction: Eagles win
Projected record: 8-9  

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