Heading into Week 2, there are a total of 15 teams that are currently sitting at 0-1 and those teams are definitely going to want to make sure they win on Sunday because starting a season 0-2 is basically the kiss of death in the NFL: It kills your chances of making the playoffs. 

If you start 2-0 or 1-1, you have a good chance of making the playoffs, but if you start 0-2, history says you might as well give up on the year and start planning for the offseason. Of the 40 playoff spots that were earned in the NFL over the past three seasons, none of them went to a team that started the year 0-2. 

Here's a look at how teams have done since 1990 based on their record after Week 2: 

  • Teams that start 0-2: Of the 265 teams that have started 0-2 since 1990, only 30 of them (11.3%) have rebounded to make the playoffs. Of those 265 teams, only three of them (1.1%) went on to win the Super Bowl (1993 Cowboys, 2001 Patriots, 2007 Giants). 
  • Teams that start 1-1: Of the teams that were .500 after Week 2, 42% of them ended up making the playoffs (193 out of 460), which is a huge jump over 11.3%. Of course, only nine of those 460 teams (2%) went on to win the Super Bowl, so your odds don't improve that much there. 
  • Teams that start 2-0: Of the 262 teams that have started 2-0 since 1990, 63% of them ended up making the playoffs (165). Teams that started 2-0 have also won 20 of the past 32 Super Bowls (62.5%), a list of teams that includes last year's Rams. That percentage has held up remarkably well over history as 35 of of the NFL's 56 Super Bowl champions (62.5%) have all started 2-0. 

Not surprisingly, the first team to hit 2-0 this year was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have started 2-0 in four of five seasons since Patrick Mahomes became the starter (2018-20, 2022). The Chiefs won the Super Bowl in 2019 after starting 2-0. 

As for teams that could drop to 0-2, you don't want to say that a game in Week 2 is a must-win game, but based on recent NFL history, it really feels like the 15 teams that are currently 0-1 are facing a must-win situation this weekend. Barring a tie, there will be at least three 0-2 teams when Week 2 comes to an end and that's because there will be three games this week involving winless teams (Bengals at Cowboys, Cardinals at Raiders, Falcons at Rams).

If the Cowboys end up losing to the favored Bengals, it would mark the first time since 2010 that they've started 0-2, which is the NFL's third-longest streak without an 0-2 start. The only teams that have a longer streak are the Patriots, who haven't started 0-2 since 2001, and the Packers, who last started 0-2 in 2006. 

The last time an 0-2 team made the postseason came in 2018 when both the Seahawks and Texans made it, but neither team won a playoff game that year. The last time a team started 0-2 AND won a playoff game came in 2017 when the Saints closed the season with an 11-4 run following their 0-2 start. Behind Drew Brees, the Saints won a wild card game over the Panthers before losing to the Vikings in the divisional round on one of the most improbable game-winning plays in NFL history.