The MLB offseason is nearing an end, and although Spring Training will soon begin, free agent signings are still rolling in. In order to keep track of all the dollars flying around and all the impact players changing team, we call your attention to the free agent tracker below.

We'll update this tracker every time there's a major free agent signing this offseason, including the player's former team, his new team, and details of his new contract. It will all be structured based on our ranking of the top 75 free agents available heading into the 2017 season. Note: Those players with "QO" beside their names received a qualifying offer from their former teams. That means if they sign elsewhere, then their new team must forfeit a high 2017 draft pick while their old team will gain a compensatory draft pick in 2017.

If you're looking for some detailed commentary on each free agent, then check out our positional free agent rankings: starting pitchers, relievers, outfielders, corner infielders/DHs, middle infielders, and catchers.

Now to the tracker ...

1 Yoenis Cespedes (QO) OF Signed: 4 years, $110M
2 Justin Turner (QO) 3B Signed: 4 years, $64M
3 Kenley Jansen (QO) RP Signed: 5 years, $80M
4 Aroldis Chapman RP Signed: 5 years, $86M
5 Edwin Encarnacion (QO) 1B/DH Signed: 3 years, $60M
6 Dexter Fowler (QO) OF Signed: 5 years, $82.5M
7 Mark Melancon RP Signed: 4 years, $62M
8 Rich Hill SP Signed: 3 years, $48M
9 Carlos Gomez OF Signed: 1 year, $11.5M
10 Ian Desmond (QO) OF Signed: 5 years, $70M
11 Jose Bautista (QO) OF Signed: 1 year, $18.5M
12 Mark Trumbo (QO) OF Signed: 3 years, $37.5M
13 Jeremy Hellickson (QO) SP Signed: 1 year, $17.2M
14 Josh Reddick OF Signed: 4 years, $52M
15 Wilson Ramos C Signed: 2 years, $12.5M
16 Matt Wieters C TBD Free agent
17 Mike Napoli 1B Signed: 1 year, $8.5M
18 Jason Hammel SP Signed: 2 years, $16M
19 Ivan Nova SP Signed: 3 years, #26M
20 Bartolo Colon SP Signed: 1 year, $12.5M
21 Greg Holland RP Signed: 1 year, $7M
22 Michael Saunders OF Signed: 1 year, $9M
23 Carlos Beltran OF/DH Signed: 1 year, $16M
24 Neil Walker (QO) 2B Signed: 1 year, $17.2M
25 Kendrys Morales DH Signed: 3 years, $33M
26 Luis Valbuena 3B Signed: 2 years, $15M
27 Andrew Cashner SP Signed: 1 year, $10M
28 Jason Castro C Signed: 3 years, $24.5M
29 Steve Pearce 1B/OF Signed: 2 years, $12.5M
30 Edinson Volquez SP Signed: 2 years, $22M
31 Brett Anderson SP Signed: 1 year, $3.5M
32 Matt Holliday OF Signed: 1 year, $13M
33 Colby Rasmus OF Signed: 1 year, $5M
34 Doug Fister SP TBD Free agent
35 Derek Holland SP Signed: 1 year, $6M
36 Brandon Moss OF Signed: 2 years, $12M
37 Sergio Romo RP Signed: 1 year, $3M
38 Pedro Alvarez 1B/DH TBD Free agent
39 Mitch Moreland 1B Signed: 1 year, $5M
40 Brad Ziegler RP Signed: 2 years, $16M
41 Travis Wood RP Signed: 2 years, $12M
42 Matt Joyce OF Signed: 2 years, $11M
43 Sean Rodriguez 2B Signed: 2 years, $11M
44 R.A. Dickey SP Signed: 1 year, $7.5M
45 Jonathon Niese SP TBD Free agent
46 Neftali Feliz RP Signed: 1 year, $5.35M
47 Brett Cecil RP Signed: 4 years, $30.5M
48 Joe Blanton RP TBD Free agent
49 Alex Avila C Signed: 1 year, $2M
50 Boone Logan RP Signed: 1 year, $6.5M
51 Koji Uehara RP Signed: 1 year, $4.5M
52 Chase Utley 2B Signed: 1 year
53 Jake Peavy SP TBD Free agent
54 Colby Lewis SP TBD Free agent
55 Jorge De La Rosa SP TBD Free agent
56 Kurt Suzuki C Signed: 1 year, $15M
57 C.J. Wilson SP N/A Retired
58 Jerry Blevins RP Signed: 1 year, $6.5M
59 Joaquin Benoit RP Signed: 1 year, $7.5M
60 Adam Lind 1B Signed: 1 year, $1.5M
61 Johnny Giavotella 2B Signed: Minors deal
62 Mat Latos SP TBD Free agent
63 Kelly Johnson 2B TBD Free agent
64 Fernando Salas RP Signed: 1 year, $3M
65 Drew Storen RP Signed: 1 year, $3M
66 Santiago Casilla RP Signed: 2 years, $11M
67 Luke Hochevar RP TBD Free agent
68 Clayton Richard SP Signed: 1 year, $1.75M
69 Tommy Milone SP Signed: 1 year, $1.25M
70 Charlie Morton SP Signed: 2 years, $14M
71 Jhoulys Chacin SP Signed: 1 year, $1.75M
72 Rajai Davis OF Signed: 1 year, $6M
73 Angel Pagan OF TBD Free agent
74 Jon Jay OF Signed: 1 year, $8M
75 Fernando Rodney RP Signed: 1 year, $2.75M

Remember, keep it here as we make our way through the offseason for the essential details on every significant free agent signing.