Coaches get hired to be fired. Hopefully, they win a few games in between ... but usually, they aren't winning enough. That's why every winter is filled with coaches losing jobs, moving on to other jobs and trying on new polos and hats. It's a dizzying process and one that can be hard for the average fan to follow. And considering you did not have time to keep track off every move that was made, we decided to break it all down for you.

Not only do we note who took each open job and how coaches left their respective programs, we provide some analysis and a grade along the way. In other words, this is a one-stop shop for all your coaching change needs. Well, except for those team polos. How exactly will these coaches perform at their new jobs? That clearly remains to be seen. For now, all we can do is judge the hires themselves.

FBS hirings and firings

Notable retentions and extensions