It might be hard to believe, but we're already 25% of the way through the 2019 NFL season. You know what that means: It's time to redo the predictions we made before the season and hand out our quarterly awards. Below, seven NFL writers here at CBS Sports submitted our quarterly predictions and awards.

It should come as no surprise to hear that you'll see Patrick Mahomes' name a ton when it comes to both MVP and Super Bowl MVP, but it might surprise you to learn that one of our seven writers -- cough cough Will Brinson cough cough -- did not pick Mahomes as his MVP. Similarly, it might come as a surprise to hear that the Patriots did not receive the most votes for Super Bowl champion. What would've been surprising four weeks ago, but surely isn't surprising now, is that Buccaneers edge rusher Shaq Barrett garnered six Defensive Player of the Year votes. Only one writer -- cough cough Brinson cough cough -- didn't pick Barrett. Similarly, four weeks ago, nobody had Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew winning Offensive Rookie of the Year, but he's our frontrunner through four weeks.

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Anyway, that's enough stalling and enough picking on Brinson.

On to all the picks.

Super Bowl champion

Jason La Canfora: Patriots

Belichick will add a pass catcher and OL if need be by the deadline, and this defense is ridiculous. They can win 12-10 every week if need be.

Pete Prisco: Patriots

The way their defense is playing is amazing. The secondary might be the best they've ever had. And we know Tom Brady will be great in the playoffs. 

Will Brinson: Vikings (over Chiefs)

Sticking with my Vikings pick despite Kirk Cousins' poor performance in big spots, but changing up from the Steelers because they lost Big Ben. Give me Patrick Mahomes on the other side.

Jared Dubin: Chiefs

I picked them before the season began and they have not given me any reason to move off them just yet. The Patriots look like they'll make it extremely difficult for the Chiefs to even get to the Super Bowl, but I'm not taking them out of this spot before there's cause for panic.

Ryan Wilson: Cowboys

Yes, the Cowboys are coming off a tough loss to the Saints but they still have one of the NFL's best offenses -- thanks largely to new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and the continued maturation of Dak Prescott -- and the defense, which is currently replacement-level, should only get better as the season progresses.

John Breech: Chiefs

I picked the Chiefs before the season started and I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if I changed my pick just four weeks into the season. 

Sean Wagner-McGough: Chiefs

I picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl before the season and they've raced out to a 4-0 record, so it seems foolish to change my pick now -- even though the Patriots will inevitably beat the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game again en route to yet another championship.

Super Bowl MVP

Jason La Canfora: Tom Brady 

To the victorious Super Bowl QB go the spoils.

Pete Prisco: Tom Brady

If they are winning it, he will want his. It's that simple. 

Will Brinson: Dalvin Cook

The engine of this offense and I have them winning so I'll go with Cook exploding for like 250 yards or something. 

Jared Dubin: Patrick Mahomes

It's always the quarterback.

Ryan Wilson: Dak Prescott

The longer the Cowboys wait to give Prescott a new deal the more it will require to lock him up long term. Prescott ranks No. 2 in total value among all QBs, according to Football Outsiders, behind only Patrick Mahomes. If Dallas is going to win the Super Bowl, it will have everything to do with Prescott.

John Breech: Patrick Mahomes

If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, there's a 99.8 percent chance that Mahomes is going to be named the MVP, and that 99.8 percent chance moves up to 100 percent if he breaks every Super Bowl passing record ever, which seems like something he's completely capable of doing.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Patrick Mahomes

Super Bowl MVPs almost always go to the quarterback of the winning team so if the Chiefs do, in fact, win the Super Bowl, Mahomes will almost assuredly win MVP.

Regular season MVP

Jason La Canfora: Patrick Mahomes

Best in the world right now and its not even close. 

Pete Prisco: Patrick Mahomes 

He didn't throw a touchdown pass in Week 4. He will make up for it the rest of the way. He's even better than he was a year ago. 

Will Brinson: Christian McCaffrey

Without CMC the Panthers would be 0-4 right now. He's one of the most fun players to watch in football. If he can maintain his usage over the course of a full season he'll be in consideration for this award.

Jared Dubin: Patrick Mahomes

Even his bad games are ridiculous. He threw for 315 yards and did not turn the ball over at all and led his team to a comeback victory over what increasingly looks like a pretty good Lions team. Mahomes is the best player in the NFL until further notice. 

Ryan Wilson: Patrick Mahomes

This seems obvious. Mahomes won the award last year and he's somehow better now.

John Breech: Patrick Mahomes 

The man is on pace to throw for 6,000 yards and although he probably won't hit that number, he has a good chance to break the NFL single-season record (5,477), and if that happens, he's definitely winning MVP.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Patrick Mahomes

I mean, duh. He's on pace to throw for 6,040 yards and 40 touchdowns one year after becoming the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns in a single season. 

Defensive Player of the Year

Jason La Canfora: Shaq Barrett

Cannot discount what he is doing, putting up historic pass rushing numbers in the first month of the season.

Pete Prisco: Shaq Barrett

He has nine sack in four games and has been a disruptive force all season. Can he maintain it? 

Will Brinson: Khalil Mack

The Bears defense is destroying people and Mack is a wrecking crew. Really have to feel bad for all the idiots who predicted regression for Chicago's defense this year.

Jared Dubin: Shaq Barrett

This dude has nine sacks, seven tackles for loss, 10 quarterback hits, three forced fumbles, two passes defensed, and an interception in just four games. Aaron Donald is still my pick to win this award by the end of the year, but Barrett has been the best defensive player in the league through four weeks.

Ryan Wilson: Shaq Barrett

In three previous seasons in Denver, Barrett had 8.5 sacks. Through four games in Tampa, he has nine sacks, three more than the next closest player, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

John Breech: Shaq Barrett

If Barrett just averages 1.1 sacks per game for the rest of the season, he'll finish with the second highest sack total in NFL history. The man has been a wrecking ball through four weeks and he'll definitely win this award if he keeps wrecking things for the next 12 weeks.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Shaq Barrett

He's been the best defensive player in football through the first four weeks. While I'd still favor someone like Khalil Mack (my pick before the season) over Barrett in the long run, he's built up such a big lead in the sacks department that he has a legitimate chance to hold off Mack.

Offensive Player of the Year

Jason La Canfora: Christian McCaffrey

Makes it all go on the ground and through the air. On pace for a ridiculous amount of touches and I don't see that changing.

Pete Prisco: Patrick Mahomes

To think he's been rolling up the big numbers without Tyreek Hill. What happens when he's back? 

Will Brinson: Patrick Mahomes

He's been electric and incredible in a follow up to his MVP campaign and it would hardly be surprising if he won a second MVP award.

Jared Dubin: Patrick Mahomes

You can't convince me anyone is better at offense than he is right now.

Ryan Wilson: Dalvin Cook

As it stands, Dalvin Cook is the Vikings' offense. While Kirk Cousins continues to struggle with consistency Cook has put this team on his back, scoring 5 touchdowns, averaging 5.8 yards per carry, and ranking first among all backs in total value, according to Football Outsiders.

John Breech: Christian McCaffrey

The NFL record for most scrimmage yards in a season is 2,509 and McCaffrey is currently on pace to break that. Even if he doesn't break the record, I still see him taking home this award.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Christian McCaffrey

I picked CMC before the season. Considering he's on pace to wind up with 2,516 yards from scrimmage, which would break the NFL record as Breech above me noted, I don't think it's prudent to change my pick. 

Offensive Rookie of the Year 

Jason La Canfora: Daniel Jones

Yeah its only been two games, but what a two games it has been. Replacing a legend in The Big Apple, yeah, he is on the track.

Pete Prisco: Gardner Minshew 

Who saw this coming? He has been outstanding and may keep the job when Nick Foles comes back. 

Will Brinson: Terry McLaurin

He missed Week 4 because of injury but Scary Terry (please stop trying to force McLaurin F1 or other nicknames) has been a revelation for the Redskins so far this year and the saving grace for that WR corps.

Jared Dubin: Terry McLaurin

One of the quarterbacks is almost surely going to win this award by season's end, but F1 became the first player in NFL history to catch at least five passes and score a touchdown in each of the first three games of his career. He's in the lead right now.  

Ryan Wilson: Gardner Minshew

We were skeptical if Nick Foles would be much of an upgrade over Blake Bortles but we had no way of knowing that Minshew would be substantially better than either of them. Minshew has a lot to do with the Jags' 2-2 start and if this team makes the playoffs, he'll have a lot to do with that.

John Breech: Gardner Minshew

Minshew Mania has taken over in Jacksonville, and for good reason, the rookie quarterback is doing things that no other rookie quarterback has ever done. If Minshew can will the Jags to eight wins, I think he'll have a great shot at winning this award. Also, if he wills the Jags to eight wins, I might grow a mustache. 

Sean Wagner-McGough: Gardner Minshew

If Minshew helps the Jaguars reach the playoffs after everyone wrote them off twice -- once before the season and another time when Nick Foles went down in Week 1 -- I don't think anyone can beat him. 

Defensive Rookie of the Year 

Jason La Canfora: Darnell Savage

Love what the dynamic and versatile defensive back is bringing to a much-improved Green Bay defense.

Pete Prisco: Darnell Savage 

He has been a big part of why their defense has made strides. He can roam the middle of the field and cover like a corner. 

Will Brinson: Brian Burns 

The Panthers defense has been excellent and he's at 2.5 sacks through five games, registering as a terror off the edge for Carolina early on in his career.

Jared Dubin: Nick Bosa and Darnell Savage Jr.

I can't decide between these two guys just yet. Both of them have been very good, for very good defenses.

Ryan Wilson: Chase Winovich

Michigan teammates Devin Bush and Rashan Gary were first-round picks in the spring but Winovich has had the biggest impact through four games, logging three sacks in limited playing time.

John Breech: Nick Bosa

The 49ers have been a surprise team through four weeks, and a big part of that is due to the play of their defense. Bosa has helped revitalize a unit that had mostly struggled over the past two years.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Nick Bosa

At 23.5%, Bosa has the highest pass-rushing win rate among rookie edge rushers, according to Pro Football Focus. The sacks should follow.

Coach of the Year 

Jason La Canfora: Andy Reid

Is this the year he finally gets his ring?

Pete Prisco: Sean Payton

He has won two games against good teams without Drew Brees. At 3-1, his team is atop the NFC South. 

Will Brinson: Bill Belichick

He crafted the best defense he's ever had. Matt Patricia would warrant consideration but he cost the Lions at least one win.

Jared Dubin: Sean McDermott

That Bills defense is ridiculous, and McDermott's team is 3-1 and nearly beat the Patriots.

Ryan Wilson: Jason Garrett

This should really go to Kellen Moore, but the buck stops with Garrett so he gets the credit. The Cowboys' offense is humming, Garrett's staying out of the way, and that's worth a quarter-pole award, as far as we're concerned.

John Breech: Bruce Arians

This prediction could end up backfiring, but I feel like the Bucs are going to be contending in the NFC South, and if Arians can get them to nine or 10 wins, he should be in the conversation for this award.

Sean Wagner-McGough: Bill Belichick

I'm of the opinion that if they actually gave this award to the best coach in football that Belichick would win every single season because he's quite obviously the best coach in football. I think he has a legitimate chance to win it this year because of how dominant the defense has been. More matchups with the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets' offenses can only help.

Comeback Player of the Year 

Jason La Canfora: Dalvin Cook

If he can avoid injury -- which has been a big if -- he could put up some astonishing numbers playing for a coach who really only wants to run the ball.

Pete Prisco: Jimmy Garoppolo

His numbers aren't great, but his team is 3-0. That's good enough for me.

Will Brinson: Cooper Kupp

People aren't talking enough about how quickly he came back from his ACL tear in November last year. He looks incredibly explosive and he's been the most reliable weapon for Jared Goff in the Rams offense so far. 

Jared Dubin: Cooper Kupp

He's back from his torn ACL and looks essentially like the exact same player he was before the injury. Through four games, Kupp is on pace for a 128-1552-12 season, which is completely ridiculous. The Rams' offense may be struggling, but Kupp is certainly not.

Ryan Wilson: Cooper Kupp

Kupp missed the final half of the 2018 season after tearing his ACL but he has resumed his role as one of Jared Goff's favorite targets. He has 32 receptions for 388 yards and 3 scores, and he leads the team in both targets and catches.

John Breech: Jimmy Garoppolo

Although he hasn't looked great this season, he does seem to be getting better every week, and if that continues to happen, the 49ers should be a threat to win the NFC West title.  

Sean Wagner-McGough: Cooper Kupp

If the 49ers make the playoffs, it'll be difficult for anyone other than Garoppolo to win, but through four weeks, it's been Kupp who has been the most impressive candidate. He's on pace for 128 receptions, 1,552 yards, and 12 touchdowns. That would work.