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The following is a visual representation of what it looked like when I stepped into my lab and started crunching the numbers Sunday morning following a Saturday that saw the Big Ten and Mountain West join the party.

Yes, it turns out that when you add 25 (Rice too!) new teams to a set of rankings that already includes 76 other teams that have played multiple games, chaos ensues. As a result, this week's Bottom 25 is a mixture of an early-season Bottom 25 and a late-season Bottom 25. You have some teams who have put in the work, week after week, to solidify their spot. And then you have a bunch of other teams who just showed up to the party and are complaining that the keg has run dry.

There's truly a part of me that is bothered by all of this. The part that worries about the sanctity of The Bottom 25. But you know what? It's 2020. Nothing is supposed to make sense, so I'm just going to steer into the skid and enjoy the ride.

Embrace the chaos.

No Longer Ranked: UTEP (25), Navy (24), UTSA (23), Missouri (22), Georgia Tech (21), North Texas (20), Virginia (19), Mississippi State (17), Louisville (16), East Carolina (15), Texas Tech (11), South Florida (8)