Another week, another mock. But this is no ordinary mock. Oh no, my friends. This is the last mock before my final mock (a.k.a. real mock, a.k.a. last gasp dart throw mock) which means it's my final chance to do something strange, so let's just go ahead and trade Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks quarterback might want to get dealt, after all. At the very least, the Seahawks don't seem inclined to pay him the contract he wants by the April 15 (today) deadline he gave them. As such they have to at least consider trading him if the right offer comes along, and I think the Giants have the right offer.

In my hypothetical situation below, New York gives up its two first-round picks this year (No. 6 and No. 17) as well as a second-round pick this year AND a second-round pick in 2020 in exchange for Wilson. That's four pretty darn good picks and about as close as the Seahawks will get to the hypothetical three first-round selections they want for Wilson. 

Now the good news for the Seahawks is they have a ton of picks. The bad news is they don't have a quarterback. Fortunately for them, the cards fall in such a manner that they end up being able to find one when the Cards go in a different direction at the top of the draft. 

With Kyler Murray falling out of the top spot, Seattle finds a willing and able trade partner to move up to No. 3 -- in exchange for No. 6 and a second-round pick -- to land the Oklahoma quarterback. 

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Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama
There's been conflicting buzz about what the Cardinals want to do at the top of the draft: I like the idea of Arizona standing pat with what they have and improving their defense. It gives them a better chance to win this year.
Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State
The 49ers don't mind that move either, as they land the edge rusher they covet in this draft.
Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma
I think Seattle would prefer to get a cheaper option at quarterback (Josh Rosen?) but this is a pretty good replacement for Russell Wilson on a rookie contract.
Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky
This was Mike Mayock's worst nightmare (and Derek Carr's), with Jon Gruden having to choose between Kyler Murray or a defensive player. Fortunately the Seahawks jumped in front of that bus and let the Raiders kickstart this draft with defense. 

Devin White, LB, LSU
Nothing crazy here. Just a team with a need drafting a player who is worthy of a top-10 selection. 
Jawaan Taylor, OL, Florida
The Jets would probably like to move down again, but I decided to let them stay and grab some protection for Sam Darnold. Adding the second rounder is huge for them.
T.J. Hockensen, TE, Iowa
The Jags need to bolster their pass game weapons while also improving their run blocking and the big-time Iowa tight end does both.
Rashaan Gary, DL, Michigan
I just keep gravitating to this pick. I don't have an exceptional reason why. It fits though.
Andre Dillard, OL, Washington State
The Bills need to improve Josh Allen's protection and do so with their first-round pick in this draft. 
Drew Lock, QB, Missouri
John Elway wants to win now and he has Joe Flacco, but he also knows that he needs a Plan B for the future and he loves him some Drew Lock. Big, tall, strong arm. If Flacco gets hurt he has to have a backup.
Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State
Zac Taylor is just magically in love with Andy Dalton? Maybe he thinks he can win with him. Or maybe he believes that adding another young quarterback gives him a better chance of winning for the long haul. He can give Haskins a Carson Palmer year as a rookie.
Devin Bush, LB, Michigan
This is a first! But I kind of like it. The Packers need more weapons for Aaron Rodgers but I could easily see them wanting to add the best defensive player on the board at 12 and then thinking about offense with their next pick. 
Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama
The Dolphins are a likely team to trade back here because they want to accumulate assets, but in this particular instance we'll just have them take a high-level prospect who can start to provide an infrastructure for whatever quarterback they draft in the next two years. 
Ed Oliver, DL, Houston
This feels like a total layup if it actually ends up being possible.  
Daniel Jones, QB, Duke
Someone is taking Jones in the first round and it might be someone in the NFC East -- could even simply be a question as to whether or not the Russ trade actually happens. With the Giants out of the mix, maybe the Redskins play chicken. Or maybe they decide they need to help their job situation right now.
Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson
Think the Panthers would love this situation -- whether or not they're moving to more 3-4 looks, they can still use a guy like Ferrell to improve the defense. Local product with a great pedigree and plenty of success on the field? This is ideal.
Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson
The Seahawks are looking to take it back to 2013 by trading Wilson and using these picks on defense and suddenly they've got a stud up front.
Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma
It's just hard to get past them taking anything other than an offensive lineman with this pick.
Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State
Dream scenario for a team that needs help at edge rusher. Easy choice here for the Titans.
Byron Murphy, CB, Washington
They would probably prefer one of the linebackers, but they'll just have to make due with one of the cornerbacks instead. 
Dexter Lawrence, DL, Clemson
The Seahawks are just taking a bunch of Clemson players. That doesn't feel like a bad strategy. 
D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss
The Ravens feel like this is a fever dream, but they have in fact landed the top receiver in the class at No. 22 overall. Alrighty.
Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas
The Texans have to take an offensive lineman here. They just have to.
Noah Fant, TE, Iowa
The Raiders want to go defense, but they like the talent at tight end too much to pass up Fant. 
Jeffery Simmons, DL, Mississippi State
Feels like the type of team willing to take a redshirt risk on a potential top-10 player who got hurt during the offseason, for a reduced cost. 
Brian Burns, EDGE, FSU
The Colts want to keep improving a surprising defense so they add some edge rush presence that Juston Houston can help mentor.
Garrett Bradbury, C, NC State
Rodney Hudson is older and headed into the last year of his deal. I can see Mike Mayock loving Bradbury here. 
Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
This is a deep secondary, but they can add even more talent. Linebacker is a bigger need, but they can't reach in this spot.
Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama
This feels like a luxury pick of sorts, but the Chiefs do need more help at running back and Jacobs is versatile with minimal wear and tear. He'd be fun in Andy Reid's offense. 
Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State
Aaron Rodgers plus Davante Adams plus Hakeem Butler? That will play nicely. 
Greg Little, OL, Ole Miss
This offensive line is aging rather quickly and the Rams need to replenish their depth before it gets too late.
Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State
They typically go defense or trade back -- I get that, but I also can see them adding a smaller speedster who can be utilized in multiple ways in this offense to be a gamebreaker.