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It's the fourth NFL Sunday of the 2020 season and we're keeping you updated on all the action and biggest storylines throughout the day. The Week 4 slate has some fantastic matchups and storylines that we can't wait to watch unfold. Check back often to find everything you need to know about Week 4.



Broncos 37, Jets 28 (GameTracker)


Chargers 31, Buccaneers 38 (GameTracker)
Ravens 31, Washington 17 (GameTracker)
Cardinals 21, Panthers 31(GameTracker)
Browns 49, Cowboys 38 (GameTracker)
Saints 35, Lions 29 (GameTracker)
Vikings 31, Texans 23 (GameTracker)
Seahawks 31, Dolphins 23 (GameTracker)
Jaguars 25, Bengals 33 (GameTracker)
Giants 9, Rams 17 (GameTracker)
Bills 30, Raiders 23 (GameTracker)
Colts 19, Bears 11 (GameTracker)
Eagles at 49ers, 8:20 p.m. ET (Preview)


Patriots at Chiefs, 7:05 p.m. ET (Preview)
Falcons at Packers, 8:50 p.m. ET (Preview)

Allen Robinson goes sky-high for TD

Robinson might just be the best contested-catch receiver in the NFL, but it's not always easy to tell due to the poor quarterback play he's dealt with throughout his career. Simply put -- quarterbacks should be more aggressive in throwing the ball anywhere near him because Robinson will come down with it most of the time. That was the case toward the end of Chicago's Week 4 game against Indianapolis as the Bears tried to rally back.

Diggs continues to shine for Buffalo

When the Bills acquired Stefon Diggs via trade, there was skepticism surrounding his potential fit with Josh Allen on a run-first offense. That skepticism quickly turned into excitement in Week 1 when Diggs showed an excellent rapport with Allen. That rapport has continued to develop, and Diggs made one of the best catches of the slate in Week 4 when he high-pointed a bomb from Allen for a massive gain.

Kupp gets loose in Giants secondary

The Rams offense struggled for the most part against a Giants defense that has been suspect all season, but finally, its broke free in the fourth quarter. Jared Goff found his favorite target Cooper Kupp over the middle of the field, he had an angle, planted his foot and exploded forward for a 55-yard touchdown. 

Beasley climbs the ladder on incredible TD catch

Cole Beasley made social media waves during his days with the Cowboys when a video went viral of him dunking a basketball. It's safe to say he's got ups and he showed off his leaping ability for the Bills in Week 4. Josh Allen threw high and let Beasley climb the ladder for a TD -- that's exactly what he did.

Beckham looks like vintage OBJ on long TD

Odell Beckham Jr. looked like the Giants version of himself when the Browns needed it most as the Cowboys rallied late to nearly pull off an epic comeback. After previously scoring two TDs, one from Jarvis Landry and another from Baker Mayfield, Beckham took a reverse the distance. What made the play so incredible is that the Cowboys had guessed right -- a defender had Beckham dead to rights for what should have been a loss of yards -- but he was vintage OBJ and no one was stopping him.

Chark catches second TD in epic fashion

D.J. Chark may have missed Week 3 for Jacksonville but he's certainly rounding back to form in his return to action in Week 4. Chark caught a TD earlier in the game, but he saved his best for last when Jacksonville needed it most. As the Jaguars attempt a late rally, Chark caught a TD that required unbelievable concentration. Although he didn't even end up with the football at the end of the play, he was ruled down and in the end zone for a TD.

Herbert drops a bomb in the bucket under siege

The Bucs have done everything in their power to fight and scratch back into their matchup against the Chargers after falling behind early, but Justin Herbert is doing everything in his power to make sure it doesn't happen. Herbert has been nearly perfect against a Bucs defense that has surprisingly been among the NFL's elite through three weeks. The Bucs have turned up the pressure on Herbert in the second half, sending extra pass rushers and dropping fewer players into coverage. They got burned when they tried to pressure Herbert and he dropped a 72-yard bomb over the top with perfect ball placement. Watch and enjoy.

Mixon pulls off the hat trick

Joe Mixon has had a slow start to his 2020 season, but that changed in Week 4. After his Bengals fell behind early, Mixon roared them back into taking the lead with an old school hat trick. Mixon found the hole and exploded through it with his trademark burst for his third touchdown of the day.

Wilson continues to cook

Russell Wilson continues to build a strong MVP case. After a somewhat slow start to the week against a frisky Dolphins pass defense, Wilson got rolling at the end of the half. While rolling out to his left, Wilson squared up and delivered a perfect deep pass to David Moore. Later in the drive, Wilson would find Travis Homer for a TD.

Herbert throws a perfect back-shoulder TD

The rookie QB continues to shine as the Chargers take a surprising lead over the Bucs into halftime. The back-shoulder toss is one of the NFL's most difficult to complete so it's an excellent sign that Herbert is already completing them. On this TD, Herbert puts the ball in the perfect spot -- a perfect back-shoulder TD. The rookie has been very exciting thus far.

Bridgewater puts the juke moves on

Teddy Bridgewater made one of the better comebacks in NFL history when he returned to action after a devastating knee injury that threatened his career. If anyone was curious, Bridgewater's athleticism has returned to him. Bridgewater left defenders with broken ankles on a TD run where he flashed the nifty moves to get into the end zone.

Brady throws another pick six

In Week 1, Tom Brady threw a pick six that changed the game when the Saints grabbed seven points and stole the momentum. In Week 4, Brady threw another pick six, this time to Chargers defensive back Michael Davis. The Chargers are putting up a strong fight as 7.5-point underdogs in this one and we've got ourselves a game. Brady is still adjusting to life without Mike Evans, who left the game earlier with an injury.

Lamb catches first career TD

CeeDee Lamb has made some fantastic plays for the Cowboys through the first three weeks but he still hasn't gotten on the scoreboard. That all changed in Week 4. Lamb caught his first career TD catch on an excellent deep throw from Dak Prescott. The Prescott to Lamb connection continues to grow and only get stronger. The Browns fans have to be shaking their heads on this one as it looked like a completely busted coverage.

Landry gets OBJ involved early

Both Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. have acknowledged their opportunities might come down in 2020 as the Browns continue to trample over everyone in the run game with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. However, that wasn't the case on their opening drive against the Cowboys. On an awesome trick play, the Browns ran a reverse to Landry designed for him to get the ball downfield to Beckham on a long pass. Landry dropped the ball in the bucket for Beckham and the Browns got on the board first.

Holding penalties down across the league

Entering Sunday, through the first 49 games of the season, officials have thrown flags for 101 offensive holding penalties. That's 59% fewer than in 2019 and 45% lower than the previous five-year average. This is a massive change for the NFL and it has greatly impacted the product on the field. Not only is the pace of the game faster for viewers, but with less stoppages, the game is moving faster overall. The major change in how the game has been officiated has also led to more points -- and offense overall -- across the league.