We're entering the homestretch of the NFL regular season, and the race for division supremacy is going down to the wire. A 3-1 week in the NFC West (2-0 in interdivisional games) has the division re-emerging as a contender for the best division in football. The AFC West doesn't have all four teams .500 or better anymore, but the AFC North still stakes claim to that title. 

The AFC North remains as unpredictable as ever as all four teams are within 1.5 games of each other with four weeks to play. The AFC West has a first-place showdown this week between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers, while the NFC West race got more interesting with the Los Angeles Rams beating the Arizona Cardinals in Week 14.

With four weeks to play in the regular season, let's take a look at the updated divisional power rankings as the battle for the top spot heated up over the past weekend. 

8. AFC South

Last week's ranking: 8

Don't think the AFC South is going to get out of the basement this season. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans are the two worst teams in the AFC (each have 11 losses) and turned in horrific performances in their defeats Sunday. The Tennessee Titans are the class of this division and are tied for the best record in the AFC, while the Indianapolis Colts are one of the seven playoff teams heading into Week 15.

The AFC South has two playoff teams at the moment, yet are an NFL worst 11-23 in interdivisional games (.324 win percentage) and 20-32 overall (.384). This is the worst division in football. 

7. NFC North

Last week's ranking: 7

Repeating this: if it wasn't for the Green Bay Packers, the NFC North would be the worst division in football. The Minnesota Vikings gave the division some prestige this past week with a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, making up for the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions losing this weekend. 

The Packers are the top seed in the NFC, cruising in a division where three teams are under .500 -- two of which are amongst the worst teams in the conference. Chicago and Detroit are a combined 5-20-1 this year. 

The NFC North is 13-22-1 in out-of-division matchups (.375) and 21-30-1 overall (.414). 

6. NFC East

Last week's ranking: 5

A bad week for the NFC East, as the Washington Football Team didn't show much fight against the Dallas Cowboys until late in the game. The injury-riddled New York Giants were blown out by the Los Angeles Chargers in what was the division's chance to get to .500 in interdivisional matchups (the NFC East only has two of them left). 

Dallas has this division essentially locked up, but the NFC East could get another playoff team in there. Washington's matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles this week is a big one. 

The NFC East is 20-22 in interdivisional matchups (.476) and 25-27 overall (.481). 

5. AFC East 

Last week's ranking: 4

Not a good week for the AFC East as the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins were on a bye. The Buffalo Bills came back against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but fell short in overtime. Buffalo is a good team, yet the Bills are having trouble beating teams with a winning record. The Bills and Patriots matchup in a few weeks should be great for the division. 

The New York Jets finally were eliminated from the playoffs after getting blown out by the New Orleans Saints this week. The AFC East has a chance to move up in the weeks to come with the Patriots and Dolphins playing so well -- and the Bills' remaining schedule getting easier. 

The AFC East falls to 17-19 in out-of-division matchups (.472) and 25-27 overall (.481). 

4. NFC South

Last week's ranking: 6

A strong week for the NFC South, even with the division having three teams under .500. The Buccaneers had an impressive win over the Bills and are one of the top five-teams in football. The division also went 2-0 against the AFC East this week. 

This division is going to find it hard to get higher than No. 4 in these rankings based on the strength of the top three divisions, but the NFC South is 20-18 in interdivisional games (.526) and 27-25 overall (.519). This division is one of four divisions with an over .500 record, even if Tampa Bay is leading the pace.

The NFC South isn't a bad division, nor does it have any of the worst teams in the league. 

3. AFC West

Last week's ranking: 2

How does a division fall to No. 3 when it goes 2-0 in out-of-division matchups -- and has three teams over .500? Shows how close the top three divisions are through 14 weeks. The Denver Broncos took care of the Detroit Lions and the Chargers took care of the Giants -- both of which were expected. The Kansas City Chiefs blowing out the Las Vegas Raiders wasn't. 

With the AFC having 11 teams over .500 -- and all of them being in a wild playoff race -- Denver sitting at 7-6 and the No. 10 seed in the conference doesn't stack up. Vegas is trending downward, too, hurting the performance of the division. 

The AFC West is 23-15 in out-of-division matchups (.605) and 30-22 overall (.577). Thursday's Chiefs-Chargers battle can show how good the AFC West is between its two top teams. 

2. AFC North

Last week's ranking: 1

The only division with all four teams at .500 or better fell out of the top spot this week. The Cincinnati Bengals falling to the 49ers and the Steelers falling to the Vikings capped an 0-2 week for the division in two pivotal out-of-division matchups -- both that could have kept the AFC North at No. 1. 

All four teams have a shot at the division title, yet have just one playoff team at the moment. The AFC North is as unpredictable as they come with four teams separated by 1.5 games in the division. This is a big week for the division, with the Ravens playing the first-place Packers, the Steelers facing the first-place Titans, the Bengals playing the Broncos and Browns facing the Raiders. The top spot may return to the AFC North if the division has a good weekend. 

The AFC North is 20-15-1 in interdivisional matchups (.569) and 28-23-1 overall (.548). 

1. NFC West

Last week's ranking: 3

Welcome back to the No. 1 spot NFC West. The preseason No. 1 reclaims its throne with three teams over .500 -- and all amongst the top six seeds in the NFC playoffs. Even the Seattle Seahawks are still alive at 5-8, one game out of the final playoff spot. The NFC West could still get all four teams in the playoffs.

San Francisco's overtime win over Cincinnati was big for the division claiming the top spot again, which put the 49ers over .500 and a game ahead of the chaos for the final spot in the NFC playoffs. Los Angeles and Arizona having nine-plus wins is also a big bonus. 

Finally, the NFC West has the best out-of-division record at 22-12 (.647 win percentage is tops in NFL) and best overall record at 31-21 (only division with at least 30 wins). The .596 win percentage is also the best in the league.

This division deserves to be No. 1.