Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor put together a performance against Michigan that made it impossible to leave him out of the first round. He gets taken by a fan base that will adore him forever. Is this the week that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and/or Washington quarterback Jacob Eason join the lead group in the first round? Did I already jump down from my soap box saying the Dolphins should bypass a quarterback?

Find those answers and more inside this week's 2020 NFL Mock Draft!

Before you get angry at the draft order, please know that it's based on the current SportsLine Super Bowl odds projections and has nothing to do with us hating your favorite team. 

NFL Mock Draft
Round 1
Round 1 - Pick 1
Ohio State • Sr • 6'5" / 264 lbs
Young is arguably the best pass rusher to come along since Myles Garrett. It is interesting that he has adopted the Bosa club move in addition to his repertoire of other moves. The Dolphins add some pass rush while building their new roster.
Round 1 - Pick 2
Georgia • Sr • 6'5" / 315 lbs
There is no way that Trent Williams and the Redskins come back together. If they do not get a replacement in a return trade, then they will need to address the issue in the 2020 NFL Draft. They invested in Dwayne Haskins last year. They need to invest in some protection for him in 2020.
Round 1 - Pick 3
Alabama • Sr • 6'1" / 227 lbs
In all likelihood, the No. 1 overall selection will be a quarterback. If the Dolphins elect to bypass the position, they are going to charge a king's ransom for another team's right to move up. Tagovailoa has great accuracy, poise and leadership. Andy Dalton's replacement could be the Hawaii native rather than Ryan Finley.
Round 1 - Pick 4
Alabama • Sr • 6'1" / 193 lbs
Jeudy has refined his footwork and that is reminiscent of Odell Beckham Jr. It is fitting that the wide receiver might find himself playing in the city where it all began for Beckham.
Round 1 - Pick 5
Oregon • Sr • 6'6" / 236 lbs
Jon Gruden fell in love with Nathan Peterman for some reason. A scenario could play out where he falls in love with Herbert's traits (i.e. arm strength, ability to throw on the run, etc.) and the team selects him to lead them into the Las Vegas era.
Round 1 - Pick 6
Alabama • 6'0" / 190 lbs
Emmanuel Sanders keeps trucking in Denver. John Elway could open up a new era with Drew Lock, Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant and Ruggs next year. If they can get the offensive line sorted out, they have some pieces in place to bounce back. Defense should be fine in the long haul.
Round 1 - Pick 7
LSU • Sr • 6'3" / 208 lbs
Delpit is a fantastic young player. The Cardinals have focused on their future. They must continue to take the best players available rather than trying to reach for needs. In addition to his athleticism, he provides tremendous leadership. Delpit is a plug-and-play guy in the secondary alongside Byron Murphy and Budda Baker.
Round 1 - Pick 8
Ohio State • Sr • 6'1" / 202 lbs
New York has been trying to get rid of Janoris Jenkins for the past two offseasons. There has been a lot of criticism about the team failing to move on from Eli Manning's cap hit but, what about Jenkins? The Giants need an upgrade. Okudah falls in line right behind Marshon Lattimore and Denzel Ward.
Round 1 - Pick 9
Iowa • Sr • 6'5" / 320 lbs
If I am going to champion the cause of Miami bypassing quarterbacks, I cannot abandon it after one week. The Dolphins need a lot of help. No quarterback will succeed behind that current assortment of linemen.
Round 1 - Pick 10
Florida • Sr • 6'1" / 204 lbs
Henderson has battled some injuries early in the season and there was talk that Tampa Bay had solved their cornerback issues. Despite their improved defensive play, they could still use a lockdown corner.
Round 1 - Pick 11
Georgia • Jr • 6'2" / 215 lbs
Fromm is probably higher in my rankings that he is in others'. I value production and leadership. The Georgia quarterback has great pocket awareness, leadership and made some fantastic throws against Notre Dame. The Titans are only a few pieces away after Jeffery Simmons returns from injury.
Round 1 - Pick 12
Oklahoma • Sr • 6'2" / 200 lbs
Lamb is wide receiver No. 2 right now. He is third in this projection because the Broncos could use a player of Henry Ruggs' talents a bit more. Whether Nick Foles or Gardner Minshew II starts next season, they need more weapons.
Round 1 - Pick 13
Iowa • Sr • 6'6" / 260 lbs
The Panthers are tied for third in sacks this season but imagine throwing Epenesa in there on that front. He is the best player available and Ron Rivera would be afforded a versatile weapon on that defense.
Round 1 - Pick 14
LSU • Sr • 6'3" / 245 lbs
Chaisson has the traits to be a successful pass rusher but he is more than solid is pass coverage as well. Concern arises when discussing his recent injury history. The hope is that he heals and his potential translates to production. If so, he could warrant early consideration in the same manner that Josh Allen did last year.
Round 1 - Pick 15
Wisconsin • Sr • 6'4" / 316 lbs
Cleveland's issue is at offensive tackle. There was not an offensive tackle that warrants being taken ahead of Biadasz here. Biadasz has done some pulling for Wisconsin's offensive line. Either he or Tretter could potentially play right guard. The Browns will have to address offensive tackle through trade or in the future rounds.
Round 1 - Pick 16
Auburn • Sr • 6'5" / 320 lbs
Indianapolis has compiled a roster of smaller linebackers that fly from sideline to sideline. The addition of Brown would occupy some blockers, which frees those linebackers up even more to make plays.
Round 1 - Pick 17
Penn State • Sr • 6'5" / 265 lbs
Gross-Matos has been dominant at points this season. Detroit is off to a commendable 2-0-1 start but the addition of Gross-Matos would provide some long-term stability to that linebacker unit.
Round 1 - Pick 18
Clemson • Sr • 6'4" / 238 lbs
Tremaine Edmunds and Simmons together would be terrifying. There may not be a college football player that tackles better in space than Simmons. Bills Mafia would have a really solid, young core on that side of the football.
Round 1 - Pick 19
Georgia • Sr • 5'9" / 215 lbs
Melvin Gordon exits stage left. D'Andre Swift enters stage right. I have no clue if that analogy is accurate but you get my point.
Round 1 - Pick 20
LSU • Sr • 5'11" / 197 lbs
The Seahawks reportedly have an interest in Jalen Ramsey, so here's a Kristian Fulton instead.
Round 1 - Pick 21
Virginia • Sr • 6'1" / 202 lbs
The Eagles are reportedly interested in Jalen Ramsey. Have a Bryce Hall instead.
Round 1 - Pick 22
Stanford • Jr • 6'1" / 192 lbs
San Francisco's front seven has been terrifying early this season. Adebo comes from down the road in Palo Alto to assist Kyle Shanahan's secondary.
Round 1 - Pick 23
Stanford • Jr • 6'7" / 325 lbs
Little is battling an injury right now but his athleticism and potential warrant a risk here. Miami traded their left tackle for a lot of picks. They better hit on a left tackle and then some with those selections or it was all a waste of time and resources.
Round 1 - Pick 24
Alabama • Fr • 6'3" / 240 lbs
It is unfortunate that Jon Abram was placed on injured reserve. There is a lot to like about Clelin Ferrell and Maurice Hurst but that linebacker group is horrible. Jon Gruden obviously loved players that played in the National Championship last year; here he adds Moses.
Round 1 - Pick 25
Clemson • Sr • 6'4" / 219 lbs
Willie Snead is a competent place marker, but let's continue to build that offense with Higgins. A receiver of Higgins' talents rarely falls this far. Take advantage of the wide receiver depth and place him in there with Lamar Jackson, Mark Andrews, Marquise Brown and possible Justice Hill.
Round 1 - Pick 26
Utah State • Sr • 6'4" / 219 lbs
The Saints find themselves in a predicament. Drew Brees, 40, is attempting to recover from an injury that may never fully heal. The team does not have an obvious replacement between Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill. As the old saying goes, if you have two QBs, you have none. Love has a lot of exciting traits but he makes some bone-headed decisions.
Round 1 - Pick 27
TCU • Jr • 6'6" / 315 lbs
The Vikings are aging in some spots but those areas will hold out long enough for them to continue the offensive line reclamation project that they began last offseason.
Round 1 - Pick 28
Wisconsin • Sr • 5'10" / 226 lbs
Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor in Green Bay? It just fits. Taylor has made the decision for No. 1 running back prospect very difficult. The Packers add their best player at the position since Ahman Green.
Round 1 - Pick 29
Notre Dame • Sr • 6'4" / 239 lbs
Dante Fowler has shown growth this season but it is too soon to tell if that justifies investment in him. Los Angeles can hedge their bets with Okwara.
Round 1 - Pick 30
Alabama • Sr • 6'2" / 195 lbs
Kansas City has been trying to solve their issue at cornerback for years. Diggs may finally be the answer in what is a deep cornerback class.
Round 1 - Pick 31
Alabama • Sr • 6'0" / 201 lbs
The Cowboys could lose cornerback Byron Jones in free agency and could still upgrade the safety positions. McKinney has experience at both positions and could fill either.
Round 1 - Pick 32
Vanderbilt • Fr • 6'4" / 257 lbs
Every tight end that becomes available is rumored to be headed to New England. Why is that? They are still seeking for a Rob Gronkowski replacement. The position is so important to their offense.