Before the season, there were many who speculated that the Chicago Bears could be this year's version of the 2017 Los Angeles Rams, which meant a young team with a second-year quarterback and a first-year head coach that could take a major step forward.

I didn't believe that to be true.

I was wrong.

The Bears are a lot like the 2017 Rams. First-year coach Matt Nagy has brought an innovative, creative offensive system to the team, much like Sean McVay did for the Rams.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky has taken a major step forward in his second season, much like Jared Goff did for the Rams.

Oh, and the Bears are winning – just like the Rams. At 6-3, the Bears are in first place in the NFC North and up to No. 8 in my Power Rankings this week. They are not only impressing on offense, but the defense is also playing well.

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The Bears haven't exactly defeated the league's elite to get their six victories, but they are winning games. We will know a lot more about the Bears in the next 10 days. They play a tough home game for first place against the Vikings Sunday, and then have a short turnaround to play the Lions on the road Thanksgiving Day.

The Bears blew out the Lions this past Sunday, but that's a lot tougher game being on the road that day.

So check back in 10 days. We will truly know if the Bears are this year's version of the 2017 Rams.

It looks like it's heading in that direction – something I didn't see happening.

Biggest Movers
7 Titans
6 Lions
1 Saints They are the best team in the league right now and showed it against the Bengals. The improving defense makes them the Super Bowl favorite now. -- 2-1-0
2 Rams The defense still has issues, but they continue to roll up a lot of points. They will need to against the Chiefs this week. 1 1-2-0
3 Chiefs The defense is making strides, which it has to do. That will be key down the stretch. 1 2-1-0
4 Chargers They are quietly having an impressive season, pushing the Chiefs in the division. Wait until they get Joey Bosa back too. 1 1-2-0
5 Patriots What is wrong with Tom Brady? He just doesn't look right. 3 1-2-0
6 Steelers The explosive offense is back and the defense is getting better each week. Here come the Steelers. -- 2-1-0
7 Vikings They come off their bye with a monster game against the Bears. First place is at stake. 1 0-3-0
8 Bears Mitch Trubisky and the offense are improving each week. They face a stiff challenge against that Minnesota defense this week. 2 0-3-0
9 Texans They come off their bye with a tough road game against the Redskins. Are they ready to make a real playoff push? -- 1-2-0
10 Panthers The defense took a major step back against the Steelers. The chance to win the division is slipping away. 3 0-3-0
11 Commanders They are 6-3 and in first place in the division. But they still have a lot of issues. 4 2-1-0
12 Titans Mike Vrabel is doing a nice job with this team. How big is their game this week at Indianapolis? 7 1-2-0
13 Packers At 4-4-1, they are still in the race. They face a tough Thursday road game at Seattle this week. -- 2-1-0
14 Bengals They are falling quickly and face a must-win this week against the Ravens. Will firing defensive coordinator Teryl Austin really matter? 3 1-2-0
15 Colts This team is much more than Andrew Luck. They are improved in a lot of areas. 5 2-1-0
16 Cowboys That was a season-saving victory against the Eagles. Can they get it rolling, starting with a tough game this week against the Falcons on the road? 6 2-1-0
17 Eagles They hardly look like the Super team from last year. They have to pick it up after losing to Dallas, but will be challenged on the road against the Saints to do that. 5 3-0-0
18 Falcons That was a crippling loss to the Browns. They can't afford another loss the rest of the way - and even then it will be tough to make the postseason. 4 2-1-0
19 Dolphins They are .500 now, but are they any good? They lack talent in a lot of spots. 3 3-0-0
20 Ravens There's a chance Lamar Jackson will be starting this week - and going forward. He will be fun to watch. 3 2-1-0
21 Seahawks They are feisty every week, but with a lot of young players it's starting to look like it's more about 2019 now. 3 2-1-0
22 Broncos They come off their bye with a lot of questions swirling about the future of coach Vance Joseph. 1 0-3-0
23 Browns They have to be thrilled with where this team is heading after the coaching change. Baker Mayfield is growing by the week. 4 2-1-0
24 Bills Sean McDermott has done an amazing job with this team. They are winning a few games despite a lack of talent. 6 2-1-0
25 Buccaneers The end is near for the coaching staff and front office. To think they had so much hope before the season. 1 2-1-0
26 Jaguars They are the biggest flop of this season. From Super Bowl contender to 3-6 is not a good look for the coaching staff. 1 1-2-0
27 Lions Is Matt Patricia in over his head? Is he losing this team? Those are valid questions. 6 2-1-0
28 Giants Unlike the other New York team, they showed Monday night they haven't quit. That's a good sign for Pat Shurmur. 4 1-2-0
29 Cardinals They showed some fight against the Chiefs. That's a good thing to build on for next season. 1 1-2-0
30 49ers They are also still fighting in a lost season, ruined when Jimmy Garoppolo went down. 1 3-0-0
31 Jets Todd Bowles is on his way out. Will they clean house completely including the front office? 5 1-2-0
32 Raiders It is so ugly right now for this group. The talent is lacking, but Jon Gruden sure isn't helping things. 1 1-2-0