Memo to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: Get the Dak Prescott deal done soon. The price is only going to go up by the week.

In two games, Prescott has 674 yards passing, seven touchdowns and one pick and is completing 82.3-percent of his passes. His average per pass play is 10.9 per pass, which is sensational.

The Cowboys are 2-0 in large part because of Prescott's play, but also because the offense has a new look. First-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has taken a stale system and livened it up with a lot of pre-snap movement, bunch formations and creativity. 

That has led to the Cowboys scoring 66 points in their first two games, both walkovers. That has the Cowboys up to fifth in my Power Rankings this week, one of the better early-season teams. 

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Prescott is clearly in the MVP conversation and if he keeps it up he's going to get a deal that will be in the $35-million a year range. He's gambling on himself some without a contract getting done before the season, and so far he's winning big.

If he keeps it up, Jones might regret not paying him earlier this year. Then again, he might be happy to pay him big time if he keeps this up because it just might mean a Super Bowl ring. 

Biggest Movers
9 Lions
10 Steelers
1 Patriots They have rolled the first two weeks, but there is one area of concern: The offensive line is banged up. That could be a problem going forward. -- 8-9-0
2 Packers The offense came alive against the Vikings. That's a good sign moving forward. The defense is legit. -- 8-9-0
3 Chiefs That offense is rolling right now. So much for the idea that Patrick Mahomes would regress. It's not happening. -- 14-3-0
4 Rams At 2-0, the Rams have the look of a deep playoff team again. The defense appears much improved. -- 5-12-0
5 Cowboys Not only is the offense rolling, but the defense is much improved. This is a well-rounded team that can push for a Super Bowl, but they haven't exactly played a murderous schedule. 4 12-5-0
6 Ravens Lamar Jackson has it rolling. He is putting up big numbers, but the defense had some issues against the Cardinals. That can't happen against the Chiefs. 4 10-7-0
7 Seahawks That was a big-time road victory at Pittsburgh, even if Ben Roethlisberger got knocked out of the game. Now they face a tough NFC home game with the Saints. 4 9-8-0
8 Chargers The offense can't afford fumbles like Austin Ekeler had against the Lions on the goal line. Do they miss Melvin Gordon? 3 10-7-0
9 Saints With Drew Brees gone for at least six weeks with a thumb injury, the Saints are in big trouble. They have to hope Teddy Bridgewater can go at least .500 against a tough schedule. 3 7-10-0
10 Bills At 2-0, they are off to an impressive start. Josh Allen is playing good football, and if it stays that way they will be a playoff team. 6 13-3-0
11 49ers They are 2-0 with two road victories. You can't start a season better than that. The offense came alive against the Bengals. 7 13-4-0
12 Vikings If Kirk Cousins doesn't pick up his play in the big games they won't even be a playoff team. They have to get more from the passing game. 4 13-4-0
13 Falcons That late touchdown against the Eagles just might have saved their season. With Drew Brees out for a while, the division should be theirs to grab. -- 7-10-0
14 Eagles They suffered a ton of injuries against the Falcons, so health is the biggest issue now. They can't fall too far behind the Cowboys. 7 14-3-0
15 Colts That was a big-time road victory at Tennessee last week. The defense really came up big in that one. 7 4-12-1
16 Lions They are undefeated. Think about that. At 1-0-1, they haven't lost yet and should actually be 2-0. Break up the Lions. 9 9-8-0
17 Bears Was that a season-saving kick against the Broncos? If they fell to 0-2, that's a tough way to start for a team most see as a Super Bowl contender. The offense doesn't do enough. 2 3-14-0
18 Titans Marcus Mariota isn't doing enough for their offense. It has to be better, starting Thursday at Jacksonville. 6 7-10-0
19 Browns It wasn't a great showing against the Jets, but it was better. Baker Mayfield has to take better care of the football, starting this week against the Rams. 2 7-10-0
20 Texans They found a way to win a tight one against the Jaguars, but there are still a lot of issues with this team. It's hard to get a gauge on how good they are as a team. 1 3-13-1
21 Raiders The defense had a rough go of it against Patrick Mahomes, but that's to be expected. Derek Carr needs to be better than he was Sunday as well. -- 6-11-0
22 Buccaneers The way that defense is playing, they might actually have a chance to push for a playoff spot. Todd Bowles has done a nice job with that side of the ball. 7 8-9-0
23 Panthers Can it really be this bad after two weeks? Their season might be on the line this week in Arizona. Is Cam Newton up to it? 3 7-10-0
24 Steelers With Ben Roethlisberger gone for the season, their season is over. That's not a knock on Mason Rudolph, but he can't cure their ills like a healthy Roethlisberger can. 10 9-8-0
25 Bengals What happened against the 49ers? That was an awful showing. Now comes a tough road game at Buffalo. 1 12-4-0
26 Cardinals Kyler Murray rolled up some big numbers against the Ravens, but he has to be better in the Red Zone. He is improving. -- 4-13-0
27 Broncos They don't score enough on offense. It's that simple. That could mean a long season in a tough division. -- 5-12-0
28 Jaguars At 0-2, they are playing for their season Thursday night against the Titans. What will happen with Jalen Ramsey? Has this team come unglued already? -- 9-8-0
29 Commanders They are competing for a half in their games, but that doesn't win many. They just don't have enough talent right now. 1 8-8-1
30 Jets The offense is down to a third-team quarterback in Luke Falk. How can they possibly win at New England? Uh, they can't. 7 7-10-0
31 Giants At 0-2, how long before they turn to top pick Daniel Jones? It's coming sooner than we think. -- 9-7-1
32 Dolphins Just play Josh Rosen. See what he can do, and then go get a quarterback if he is bad. Will they win a game? -- 9-8-0