For the first time this season, the team that was No. 1 in last week's Fornelli 50 rankings remains at No. 1, though if not for a 27-point fourth quarter that covered a lot of blemishes, that wouldn't be the case.

Clemson's grip on that top spot over Alabama is pretty thin at the moment, but while those two teams sit on top, I can't help but looking everywhere else.

I had this distinct notion while watching Saturday's games and it's one that I've had before. I suppose that one could look at what's happened so far this season and think we've got another 2007 on our hands. A year where nothing makes sense and chaos reigns supreme.

And that may, in fact, be what's happening, but it's not happening with all 130 teams. No, when I look at college football in 2017, I see 128 teams with plenty of flaws, and two teams that seem destined to meet in the title game for the third season in a row.

Anyway, before we get to this week's rankings, a quick reminder about how all of this works (full explanation here).

  1. My opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the rankings
  2. There is true equality to start as math doesn't play favorites
  3. Wins and losses mean more than anything
  4. The formula is in no way predictive, it's a meritocracy
  5. I won't share the formula, but it works

And now, the Fornelli 50.