It's time for the final offseason edition of the 2017 Super Bowl odds, your weekly look at the Vegas stock market for teams who can take home the Lombardi Trophy. The really exciting part about this? It means FOOTBALL IS HERE.

All previous odds are as of January 10, 2016 and courtesy of the Las Vegas Westgate Superbook. We're rolling back the date to really give a look at how teams shifted during the offseason.

New England Patriots (6-1, Previously 8-1): This is a fascinating number because, you know, the Patriots won't have Tom Brady for four games. They also lost a top pass rusher in Chandler Jones and have been losing linemen like flies. It's the respect for the Pats, Bill Belichick, Angry Tom returning in Week 5 and the general issues that the rest of the AFC East faces this season.

Seattle Seahawks (8-1, Previously 8-1): Feels like the Seahawks are going to unleash Russell Wilson this year and we'll see big numbers from Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. Christine Michael looks like the real deal. OH YES THE DEFENSE.

Arizona Cardinals (8-1, Previously 10-1): If everyone weren't onboard the bandwagon, this would be my pick to win the Super Bowl. They're stacked on both sides of the ball with playmakers.

Green Bay Packers (8-1, Previously 10-1): If you believe Pete Prisco, this is going to be the Aaron Rodgers revenge tour, with the Packers going 15-1 and winning the Super Bowl. It's entirely possible, especially if Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are back at full force and Eddie Lacy is skinny again.

Carson Palmer's Cardinals have the same Super Bowl odds as the Seahawks and Packers. USATSI

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-1, Previously 8-1): The loss of Martavis Bryant for the season and the suspension of Le'Veon Bell for four games puts a little damper on an otherwise extremely dangerous team. They're clearly a favorite.

Carolina Panthers (12-1, Previously 12-1): Last year's NFC champion hasn't really moved this offseason, which is odd considering the loss of Josh Norman. It speaks to the impressive nature of Cam Newton's weapons and Carolina sitting head and shoulders above the rest of the division.

Cincinnati Bengals (20-1, Previously 12-1): The offseason losses this team suffered are pretty clear, especially in terms of wide receivers (Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones) but for a roster as deep as Cincinnati's, this team gets no respect. The only downside of betting on them to win the Super Bowl is it requires playoff wins.

Houston Texans (16-1, Previously 40-1): Rick Smith doing work. Add Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller, Braxton Miller, Will Fuller and then get Jadeveon Clowney ready to break out and you have a recipe for a sleeper team.

New York Giants (18-1, Previously 40-1): Potentially as much about the rest of this division as anything else, although Jerry Reese did go on a spending spree this offseason. If the purchases were smart the G-Men can get back to the postseason.

Minnesota Vikings (20-1, Previously 20-1): Apparently Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford really are interchangeable!

Indianapolis Colts (20-1, Previously 20-1): A really weakened division makes the playoff odds easier and thus the Super Bowl odds easier. This is surprising considering how Indy has looked on the offensive line and on defense. Andrew Luck also helps.

After a disastrous 2015 season, is this the year for the Colts? USATSI

Kansas City Chiefs (20-1, Previously 20-1): If you're the guy who picked them to finish last in the division and you look at these odds, you take a long swig off your ice water. *TAKES LONG SWIG*

Oakland Raiders (20-1, Previously 50-1): The hype is REAL.

Denver Broncos (25-1, Previously 20-1): What happens when you mix Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, a Super Bowl-worthy defense, then strain out Sanchez? Not too much movement. Total respect for John Elway's roster building.

Washington Redskins (25-1, Previously 40-1): The true Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. The Redskins won the division last year, have been tremendously consistent all offseason and still aren't even the favorites to win the NFC East again.

Dallas Cowboys (25-1, Previously 20-1): This is pure public speculation. Lots of people like betting on the Cowboys and Vegas doesn't want to get burnt. Also, Tony Romo is still technically alive.

Baltimore Ravens (30-1, Previously 40-1): Count me as a non-believer when it comes to the Ravens this year, but it's totally possible I'm wrong and their quarterback coming off an ACL tear manufactures a deep-ball offense to a receiver yet to play a down in the NFL and an aging receiver coming off an Achilles injury.

Jacksonville Jaguars (50-1, Previously 50-1): I love the Jaguars and think they have talent on both sides of the ball, but this is crazy pants.

New York Jets (50-1, Previously 30-1): Thank goodness the Jets signed Ryan Fitzpatrick.

San Diego Chargers (50-1, Previously 50-1): This is my favorite value on the board. Franchise quarterback, tons of weapons, wide-open division and a defense stocked with talent that just needs some things to click.

Buffalo Bills (60-1, Previously 30-1): But ... Rex Ryan won the offseason?

Detroit Lions (60-1, Previously 40-1): Just have no idea what to expect from the Lions. I think they'll be bad, but they could be not terrible. It's possible.

Atlanta Falcons (80-1, Previously 40-1): This is a really weird drop for a team that didn't do anything THAT bad this offseason.

Chicago Bears (80-1, Previously 40-1): Kind of loved the Bears offseason. Don't think they'll win the Super Bowl, but this isn't a horrible Hail Mary, even in the same division as the Packers.

New Orleans Saints (80-1, Previously 40-1): Have fallen prey to the Saints hype before and not saying I love them here, but they have Drew Brees and a ton of weapons. They're not a horrible deep shot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (80-1, Previously 50-1): Same here. Pretty sure the Buccaneers will compete for a playoff berth this season. But it's hard to imagine them winning it all and you can't cash out shares unfortunately.

Miami Dolphins (80-1, Previously 50-1): Love the hire of Adam Gase but there's a lot to overcome in this division in order to make the playoffs.

Tennessee Titans (80-1, Previously 50-1): Sleeper to win the division, but the day I lay money on Mike Mularkey to win a Super Bowl is the day I start lighting $100 bills on fire.

Los Angeles Rams (100-1, Previously 50-1): They paid big for Jared Goff and he might be their third-string quarterback. The division is also impossible.

Philadelphia Eagles (100-1, Previously 40-1): Hello, Carson Wentz.

Cleveland Browns (200-1, Previously, 200-1): Even all the offensive upgrades can't make up for the tough road this team has considering the division and the defense.

San Francisco 49ers (200-1, Previously 60-1): They're starting Blaine Gabbert.