A report surfaced Thursday that at least a few Yankees executives had toyed with the idea of possibly releasing Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez if they go into sell mode within the next 11 days. Now, as noted by my esteemed colleague R.J. Anderson, this was probably nothing more than just kicking around a what-if idea, but we're entitled to kick around that what-if scenario as well.

So what if A-Rod were released? Would he find a job elsewhere?

A-Rod is likely staying with the Yankees. USATSI

My easy answer is yes. He would. It's just a question of where.

That list is actually pretty small, methinks. We would need to find a team ready to take on A-Rod excessive media baggage in addition to his ability to only play either first base (likely poorly) or serve as the DH. He's also only hitting .210/.260/.371 with nine homers and 29 RBI this season. He's turning 41 years old on July 27. Oh, and most fan bases hate him.

On the good side, the Yankees are responsible for his contract no matter what. So he'd only cost the pro-rated league minimum if he was released and signed elsewhere. He hit 33 homers last season, too.

Still, I believe speculating about potential A-Rod fits won't take long. I'll run through those teams in order of record, entering Thursday.

Cubs: No

Nationals: No

Giants: No

Indians: They are set at first and DH, but could use a bench bat. Still, I can't see this. No.

Red Sox: Hahahahahahaha.

Rangers: Would they be this desperate? The Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo injuries really put a damper on their depth. The Jurickson Profar/Mitch Moreland duo at DH/1B is better than A-Rod, but they could use Profar elsewhere. There's history here, obviously, but Rangers fans who hated Josh Hamilton for signing elsewhere accepted him with open arms in his return. Different situations, obviously, but I don't think the history would preclude a move. I'll say doubtful, but not a hard no.

Orioles: No fit here.

Blue Jays: Here either.

Dodgers: No.

Marlins: Oooooooh. We've heard grumblings about the Marlins and A-Rod in the past. He lives in Miami and has long had ties to the area. Also, you know owner Jeffrey Loria and his administration love extra marketing opportunities. What if A-Rod hadn't yet hit his 700th home run (he's at 696 right now)? This is a hard yes. The Marlins would jump all over him as a pinch-hitting type.

Astros: Can't see a fit.

Cardinals: No.

Mets: Hahahahahahaha, Part II.

Tigers: We've seen them sacrifice defense for offensive firepower, but what are they gonna do? Move Victor Martinez to first, Miguel Cabrera to third and Nick Castellanos to right until J.D. Martinez's return next year in order to accommodate A-Rod at DH? No way.

Pirates: No.

Mariners: Hoo boy. Nope, not a chance.

Royals: It's hard to see how this would be even remotely feasible.

White Sox: I'm gonna say yes, they'd give him a shot. They've already tried Jimmy Rollins and are currently trying Justin Morneau. Melky Cabrera is on the team, if you're worried about some steroid stigma. It's a homer-friendly park, too.

Phillies: This doesn't work, no. They are dealing with the Ryan Howard albatross.

Rockies: It seems fun and only Mark Reynolds is standing in his way. Why not?

Angels: With C.J. Cron hurt, why not give us Albert Pujols and A-Rod hitting back-to-back after Mike Trout? It's a lost season anyway? Do it! (Yes, I still realize this is fictional.)

A's: No.

Brewers: No, but I'm sure many would like to dream on Ryan Braun and A-Rod hitting back to back, as much as they'd be booed.

Padres: No.

Diamondbacks: No.

Rays: Yes. There's a long history of past-prime DH-types being slotted into Rays lineups. Greg Vaughn. Jose Canseco. Pat Burrell. Fred McGriff. We could keep going, but A-Rod fits in with the franchise on this front.

Reds: No.

Twins: No.

Braves: No.

I feel like it would come down to the Marlins, White Sox and Rays, with the Rangers and Angels maybe sorta kinda taking a look.

Of course, the number one most likely place A-Rod spends the rest of the season?

The Yankees.