The NBA trade deadline approaches. Teams have until 3 p.m. ET on Thursday to make any big moves -- if anyone can afford to make them.

After Thursday, though, the postseason comes quickly. As a result, everybody approaches this season's deadline with different goals in mind. What's interesting about this season in particular is that this deadline could go one of two ways. It's either going to be a complete and total dead period due to the lack of cap space across the NBA, or it's going to be bonkers. It just doesn't feel like there can be an in between.

Luckily for fans of crazy trading, the dominoes needed to get deals going have fallen. Blake Griffin, a superstar, was traded. So was Nikola Mirotic. Giant deals like Griffin's, or long drawn out ones like Mirotic, throw a wrench in to other team's plans at times. They want to hold on to assets in case they can get involved as a third team. 

This edition of NBA power rankings takes a look at who should be doing what at the deadline.

Biggest Movers
9 Jazz
12 76ers
1 Rockets Don't expect the Rockets to make any major moves at the deadline. Anything they do would be to clear some money or get a second-round pick. They have the team they want already. 1 9-9
2 Raptors Toronto has been great this season, and it would be surprising to see the Raptors make a move. However, the log jam at the center spot still needs to be cleared out, and Jonas Valanciunas feels like the odd man out. 4 9-12
3 Warriors The Warriors, who lost two of their three games this week, won a championship last season with most of this roster and signed the rest of it in the offseason. There's no reason for them to make a trade outside of money or second round picks. 2 10-11
4 Celtics Boston is always on the phone lines. Danny Ainge might be fickle with his trades, but if he sees one that can improve his team, then he's going to do it. The name that's shown up in a lot of rumors is Marcus Smart. 7 15-5
5 Trail Blazers The Trail Blazers were in much more need of a trade a few weeks ago than they are at the moment. However, there's still concern that they've hit their ceiling. A shake up could be what they need to shatter that ceiling. 2 6-14
6 Pacers It wouldn't be shocking to find the Pacers on the phone lines to try and get Victor Oladipo some scoring and creation help. Indiana has had a great season, but it still lacks consistency, which can be a problem. 3 12-8
7 Timberwolves Minnesota needs bench depth. It's managed to get to this point of the season on short rotations, but a deal involving Shabazz Muhammad might be needed if the Wolves want to take the next step. 2 16-4
8 Wizards Washington really just wants to survive until John Wall is back. An upgrade at the backup point guard position should be on their deadline wish list. 7 3-17
9 Thunder The Thunder would have been fine standing pat before the Andre Roberson injury. Now, they should be exploring for someone that can fill his role as a perimeter stopper. There's no perfect replacement out there, but they need a body. 6 13-7
10 Jazz Donovan Mitchell has been fantastic this season and ever since Rudy Gobert came back the Jazz are rolling. However, with reports of Joe Johnson wanting out and Utah being open to moving Rodney Hood, there are opportunities to upgrade. 9 7-14
11 Pelicans New Orleans already made their big deal when they traded their first round pick for Nikola Mirotic. Maybe something else is in the cards for a big man who someone wants to dump, but the Pelicans are probably finished. 3 12-11
12 Spurs The Spurs are in a weird spot. It looks like a talent upgrade would be beneficial, but if Rudy Gay and Kawhi Leonard return from injury, that would fix most of their problems. Count them as listeners, but not callers, at the deadline. -- 3-17
13 Nuggets Denver badly needs a backup point guard of some kind. Jamal Murray has proven he's going to be a future star, but Emmanuel Mudiay isn't cutting it. 3 14-8
14 Clippers Los Angeles already traded Blake Griffin and might not be done yet. DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams have been linked in plenty of rumors and could be on the move if the right deal presents itself. Keep an eye on the Clippers. 1 10-10
15 Bucks The Bucks have been linked to DeAndre Jordan all season. Whether they actually can put the pieces together to get him is another story. Is he the only one Milwaukee wants, or will it settle for a different deal elsewhere? 2 15-7
16 76ers Never count out the 76ers to make a talent upgrade. They have playoff aspirations and a team that looks really good at times. Bring a talented creator into the mix, such as a Tyreke Evans, and that could push their ceiling for this season even higher. 12 13-7
17 Heat Miami did a now-traditional January turnaround, but it's left them in a weird spot at the deadline. They're too good to fire-sale but not good enough to make minor additions. They need to find a way to clear a big contract. 7 12-9
18 Pistons The Pistons already made their big swing. The Blake Griffin trade stunned the entire NBA and now Detroit has him locked in for five years. There's always room for a playoff hopeful to keep making moves, but don't be surprised if this team is done. 4 2-19
19 Hornets The Hornets want to attach one of their larger contracts to a trade and clear up some future flexibility. They might be willing to do this with Kemba Walker for the right deal. This seems unlikely to happen so just expect a bench depth type move. 2 6-13
20 Cavaliers At this point how can the Cavaliers not make a move? The team appears to hate each other. Isaiah Thomas looks visibly unhappy. Kevin Love got accuse of faking sickness. They're winless in national TV games and their last two were utter embarrassments. Something has to change. 2 12-9
21 Lakers If the Lakers made a move at the deadline, it would be to send away one of their still-young vets they don't have need for -- but only if it would clear cap space. Los Angeles has no aspirations of taking on money before this summer's giant free agency bonanza. 7 14-9
22 Hawks Atlanta is going to be everybody's favorite third team that's thrown in just so they can take on a second-round pick and a veteran contract which will later be waived. 5 9-11
23 Knicks New York has the potential to make a move of some kind. They want to move Joakim Noah if possible, which would clear up a bit of a log jam they have at the center position, but their best movable asset is Courtney Lee. 3 12-8
24 Nets Have a talented player with an oversized contract that you want to unload? Willing to give a draft pick along with it? Give the Nets a call and they'll be interested. 4 11-9
25 Bulls The Bulls finally managed to send off Nikola Mirotic as they fully commit themselves to a rebuild. They can always get involved in another deal, but this is probably it for them. 5 8-14
26 Kings It's not a question of if, but when George Hill will be traded. Sacramento can always get involved in more deals besides that, but Hill is the big one everybody is waiting on. 2 11-8
27 Magic The Magic could go anywhere at the deadline. They could stand pat and just play out the season while making their major moves in the summer, or they can dump everybody that's willing to take a contract in a huge fire sale. 2 14-7
28 Grizzlies Tyreke Evans is currently inactive until the Grizzlies can find a deal to move him in. He's going to be the big name floating around on deadline week. There's very little expectation that Marc Gasol is moved; the Grizzlies don't seem interested in doing it. 5 6-14
29 Suns Phoenix bought out Greg Monroe and traded Eric Bledsoe towards the beginning of the season. It doesn't really have assets to move unless the Suns can manage to flip a young guy into a disgruntled star. 1 12-9
30 Mavericks Dallas could always flip one of their veterans for future assets, but it wouldn't be a surprise if they stood pat for the deadline. There just isn't much it can do to move the needle one way or the other. 1 12-8