Every team is obviously on a bit of a different schedule, but we've basically just passed the halfway point of the 2017 season and I can't help but ponder how many actually trustworthy good teams there are. 

The Astros are awesome. So are the Dodgers

Past that, what do we really know about any of the good teams? Which are definitely going to continue to be good? 

The Red Sox look great right now, but who can we really trust in the rotation behind the indomitable Chris Sale

The Diamondbacks have been incredible, but it's tough to 100 percent trust them after last season, right? It's probably not the greatest of signs that I still get messages like "I'm a D-Backs fan, but you have them too high." 

The Nationals are stacked offensively and in the rotation, but the bullpen continues to crumble into pieces and they now have to deal with Trea Turner's injury in addition to continuing to absorb the Adam Eaton one. 

The Rockies and Yankees have both been awful the past few weeks. 

The Indians are going well now, but every other time this season that has happened, it has been followed by a negative. 

No, I still don't trust the Brewers, especially with Chase Anderson hurt. 

And other than that, we're down to teams within a few games of .500. 

I often chuckle when fans of other sports -- namely those with salary caps -- preach about "parity." I chuckle because Major League Baseball has as much, if not more, parity than the other major professional sports. Consider this season yet another in a long line of examples, because there are basically two elite teams, a few more good teams and then a bunch of middling ones who might bust through. Or might not. 

It's gonna be an unpredictable second half, and unpredictable in sports is fun. Baseball is fun. It all works. 

For the ranking comments this week, I'll take a stab at something that will change in the second half. I'll be wrong a lot -- and here come the creative retorts -- because it's gonna be unpredictable. Fun! 

Biggest Movers
6 Royals
8 Athletics
1 Astros What'll change? They'll add a very good (such as a No. 2 or 3) starting pitcher via trade. -- 85-69
2 Dodgers What'll change? Cody Bellinger is going to go on a home run drought. Lots of misguided folks will claim the Home Run Derby is the culprit and not simply that he just can't keep up this pace. -- 94-59
3 Red Sox What'll change? They won't stay in last in the AL in home runs. 3 76-78
4 Diamondbacks What'll change? The D-Backs rank second in the NL in team ERA. They have some good arms, but they shouldn't be this good. 1 81-73
5 Nationals What'll change? Somehow, someway, by the grace of Dusty Baker's toothpick, the bullpen will get figured out. 1 68-87
6 Guardians What'll change? Carlos Santana, Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor are all having down offensive seasons. They'll get hot. 4 74-81
7 Yankees What'll change? Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman get things figured out and the back-end settles down. Adam Warren's return from injury helps as well. -- 78-76
8 Rockies What'll change? Cargo has been utterly dreadful this year. He's only 31. He'll bounce back and have a strong second half. 3 56-97
9 Brewers What'll change? Jonathan Villar wakes up and starts to party like it's 2016. 4 88-66
10 Rays What'll change? Logan Morrison is on pace for more than 40 home runs. I'll take the under. 2 94-61
11 Royals What'll change? In terms of franchise history, the home run record. Steve Balboni's 36 is going down. MOOOOOOOSE! 6 52-102
12 Cubs What'll change? Kyle Hendricks returns from injury and deals down the stretch. -- 80-74
13 Twins What'll change? I'm not seeing them stay above .500. (Of course, I've been saying this for weeks). 4 82-72
14 Mariners What'll change? In terms of history, nothing. The Mariners extend MLB's longest playoff drought. 1 84-69
15 Angels What'll change? Kole Calhoun. Yeah, let's go with Kole Calhoun having a big second half. 1 69-85
16 Braves What'll change? Freddie Freeman stays at third base. Yes. 3 99-55
17 Cardinals What'll change? Several players start to hit better, though Jedd Gyorko suffers a major slump. 6 67-87
18 Rangers What'll change? Jonathan Lucroy's down offensive year turns on its head. 7 85-68
19 Orioles What'll change? Manny Machado is having a lost season, offensively. I just can't accept this as a reality for a full season. 3 95-59
20 Blue Jays What'll change? The scenery for several big names. Yep, trades forthcoming. 2 86-68
21 Pirates What'll change? Gerrit Cole looks a lot more 2015 than 2016. 1 73-81
22 Mets What'll change? They come to their senses and quit playing Jose Reyes? They hard sell at the trade deadline? They fire Terry Collins? Nah, nothing will change here. 2 71-83
23 Tigers What'll change? They say goodbye to one of the greatest pitchers in franchise history. 2 72-82
24 White Sox What'll change? It's too easy to say Jose Quintana gets traded, but Jose Quintana gets traded. 2 58-96
25 Marlins What'll change? The hulking Giancarlo Stanton has never hit 40 homers in a season ... until 2017. 5 79-75
26 Reds What'll change? He's a great story, but Scooter Gennett is definitely due a downturn. 1 79-76
27 Giants What'll change? Brandon Crawford erases a terrible first half with a monster second half. 2 77-77
28 Padres What'll change? The Padres haven't had a pair of 30+ homer guys since 2001. Wil Myers and Hunter Renfroe update that. -- 76-78
29 Athletics What'll change? It'll finally happen. Sonny Gray will be traded. 8 47-107
30 Phillies What'll change? The Phillies haven't lost 100 games since 1961. That changes this year. -- 85-69