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Welcome to the wildest week in Bottom 25 history. I knew that the 2020 season would be a strange one given the circumstances, and this past weekend wreaked havoc on my ranking system. It turns out that when your strength of schedule metric is based on all the teams that have played in the current season, and then more teams are added at different intervals rather than all starting at the same time, it leads to some wild swings.

So here's what you're going to see this week: a lot of 0-1 SEC teams, and a lot of movement everywhere else. Hell, we had one team in the Bottom Five last week that fell out of the rankings entirely.

As wild as the swings are this week, the good news is that we're starting to see the records of teams ranked return to normal. There are only three .500 teams, and our other 22 combatants all have losing records.

In an abnormal time, we seek normalcy anywhere we can find it.

No Longer Ranked: UTSA (22), Arkansas State (21), Appalachian State (20), Tulane (18), Texas Tech (15), Georgia Southern (14), UAB (10), UTEP (4)